Food service manages the IU Southeast Conference & Dining Services organization. Conference & Dining Services also assists in the procurement of catering suppliers for certain events.

University-related groups having a meeting or other non-public activity many provide their own refreshments while using university facilities under the following guidelines:

  • An “IU Southeast-related group” is any group directly involved or associated with the university (i.e., departments, committees, student organizations/groups, etc.).
  • The activity or event must be non-public, that is, a closed meeting open only to members of that group.
  • The event cannot be a public, advertised activity. No events listed in campus newsletters, newspapers, or bulletin boards may qualify unless the announcement specifically limits the attendance to members of the group.
  • The term “refreshments” is defined as beverages and light snacks, including soft drinks, cookies, donuts, hors d’ oeuvres.
  • All refreshment items must be store-bought, pre-packaged items.
  • When an event/meeting is to include a full meal, sandwiches, entrees, etc., all food services must be catered by Conference & Dining Services, unless mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  • The expected maximum attendance limit is 50 for groups wishing to provide their own refreshments. Any meeting where 51 people, or more, are expected should contact Conference & Dining Services. This includes events serving beverages. Catered by Conference & Dining Services.
  • Under no circumstances may a group have an activity catered by any catering operation that is not contracted with the university as an approved catering supplier, unless approved by Conference and Catering management. All such requests must be made in writing through the Conference & Catering office. If approved, Conference & Catering is authorized to charge the group a fee for any additional items they request (i.e., napkins, cups, paper plates, etc.).
  • All non-university groups using university facilities shall be required to use Conference & Dining Services. At no time shall any group, university or non-university, utilize a caterer other than approved caterers contracted by the university. Exceptions to this paragraph shall be made in writing and agreed upon by the Conference & Catering director.
  • All catering orders require a two week notice with final counts submitted to the Conference & Catering office at least three (3) business days in advance of the event.
  • Contact the Office of Conference and Catering at (812) 941-2155 for detailed procedures and requirements which are subject to change.

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