Position ranking is the process by which relative value of a position in the university organization is determined in relation to other university positions. In determining position ranks, the following evaluation techniques are used:

  1. The following factors and their value are considered:
    1. Knowledge and Experience
    2. Problem Solving & Work Dynamics
    3. Scope of Work
    4. Interactions and Communications
    5. Direction of Others
    6. Working Conditions
  2. The job is compared to classification specifications which are predetermined standards. IU Southeast is committed to the principle of equal pay for equal work without regard to race, sex, age, marital status, pregnancy, parenthood, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or disability.

Position ranking is not a means to reward individuals for how well they perform their jobs, the volume of work they produce, the number of persons for whom they work, or the education, skills, or training they possess (unless the job requires it). It is also not a means to give individuals more money because they have reached the maximum salary permitted in a salary range.

Position ranking does not altogether determine pay. Position ranking only determines the level of a job in relation to other jobs within the functional classification (CL, TE, SM, PAE, PAO, or PAU). Jobs of comparable level are assigned the same salary grade. Non-exempt salary grades have a beginning, midpoint, and maximum rate. Salary grades overlap in pay. Therefore, a person who has been “ingrade” for a long time may be paid more than a beginning person in a higher grade.

When a position has experienced significant changes, an employee, department head, or designee may wish to have the position reevaluated. A position questionnaire must be requested from Human Resources (HR). The questionnaire must be completed with approvals and returned to Human Resources. HR will initiate a study of the position. Each recommendation for reclassification must be approved by the chancellor. When the review is completed, Human Resources will notify the department. Incumbents, supervisors, deans, or administrative officers may appeal the results of a review through the Human Resources Office. Requests must be made within one month of receiving the results of the review. Human Resources Office submits appeals to University Human Resources as soon as possible, within 10 working days. Appeals may only address classification and ranking issues within a functional group. Appeals results are final. An additional review cannot be requested for one year unless the duties and responsibilities of the position change significantly.

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