Office of Development

The Office of Development works closely with Indiana University and the IU Foundation, under the direction of the IU Southeast Chancellor, to plan, coordinate, and implement fundraising programs among alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations. This collaboration allows the Office of Development to leverage resources for effective fundraising efforts. To be most effective, all fundraising solicitations must be communicated and coordinated with the Office of Development following the fundraising procedures outlined in this section.

This office works with more than 140 IU Foundation accounts, which provide funding for student scholarships, various programs, projects, and facilities. The Office is committed to offering exceptional fundraising services, knowledge, and counsel to donors, prospective donors, and the schools and departments of IU Southeast.

IU’s president and trustees determine which fundraising proposals become University priorities. The Chancellor, vice chancellors, deans, and department program directors set priorities for their units within the context of University priorities. IU Foundation provides feasibility studies and centralized management of fundraising priorities and develops a University-wide fundraising program to promote and support IU’s agenda.

By authority of the Chancellor, the vice chancellor for Alumni and Community Relations is responsible for all fundraising efforts for Indiana University Southeast, its divisions, departments, and other units, except for sponsored programs and legislative agenda. Accordingly, efforts within the campus to raise funds from alumni, friends, foundations, corporations, consortia, religious groups, clubs, agencies, and other organizations are approved and coordinated by the Office of Development in consultation and compliance with IU Foundation policies and procedures. This includes efforts for current and capital programs, as well as planned giving, whether restricted or unrestricted, endowed or expendable. Failure to coordinate fund raising activity results in confusion, embarrassment, and duplication of effort. Donors expect IU Southeast to determine its own priorities and make a coordinated approach. Having several departments or individuals approach a potential donor simultaneously is counterproductive. Accordingly, Indiana University Southeast has a centralized authority looking after the priorities of the campus and coordinating all fundraising activity conducted in the name of the University. The legislative agenda is coordinated by the Chancellor’s Office and sponsored programs by dean for research.

Fundraising Procedures

Upon receipt, all monetary or in-kind donations shall be forwarded immediately to the Office of Development for submission to the IU Foundation. After funds have been accounted for by appropriate development staff, a gift deposit form will be completed and the donation and any other correspondence accompanying the gift shall be routed to the IU Foundation. The appropriate development staff shall confirm that all gifts have been processed correctly by monitoring the weekly development reports issued by the IU Foundation. All in-kind gifts that are accepted by the University shall be recorded and acknowledged according to development and accounting procedures.

Fundraising is not the primary task or expectation of most faculty and staff. College deans have a responsibility for helping to raise funds for college and University priorities. Faculty and staff should assist in development activities by identifying potential donors to the Office of Development, their deans, or department chairs. Faculty and staff are encouraged to nurture relationships with those prospects in connection with development personnel assigned to specific schools and programs.

IU Southeast development officers are assigned to various constituent units to lead and coordinate fundraising efforts under the direction of the vice chancellor for Alumni and Community Relations.

Only the IU Southeast Office of Development, or deans and program directors in coordination with the Office of Development, should solicit funds, goods, or services from individuals or companies on behalf of IU Southeast. Any exceptions should be cleared and coordinated with the IU Southeast Office of Development.

Processing and official receipting of gifts as well as public announcement of gifts should be through the IU Southeast Office of Development.

Accounting and Recording Donated Gifts

All gifts of cash, checks, securities, or documentation on gifts-in-kind should be delivered to the Office of Development, US-151. Schools/departments should consult with Office of Development staff before depositing cash or checks directly into a campus account.

The Office of Development will notify departments when funds have been placed in a new IU Foundation account and will advise departments regarding any restrictions placed on the donation and the IU Foundation account in which the funds have been placed. When additional funds are received for an existing account, the only notification will be an increase in the account balance on the monthly report.

In addition, the Office of Development will provide the dean or director of each school or department with a monthly report. This report will give the name, address, donation amount, and gift restriction (account number) of each donor for the reporting month. This is a confidential report and the deans should only share it with those who need to know.

Each department will be responsible for the expenditure of the funds and the compliance with all restrictions and other requirements in accordance with University policies and procedures or IU Foundation policies and procedures. IU Foundation will review each expenditure request to see that all funds are handled in compliance with the wishes of the donors and all restrictions and requirements are being followed.

Conditional gifts, where the donor expects to receive some special service or research in exchange for the gift, are contrary to University and tax regulations. They may place unrealistic demands on the University, and should not be accepted unless approved by the vice chancellor for Alumni and Community Relations or by the Office of Development.

Gift Cultivation

Indiana University Southeast encourages cultivating good donor relations and lasting relationships with businesses and friends throughout our community and region. It is by practice the act of making people feel good about the campus. In so doing, an interest in IU Southeast and a desire to support the campus is created and relationships are built. Saying “thank you” frequently and sincerely cultivates friendship and support because it conveys to the donors a feeling that they are appreciated and needed. This is done through letters or telephone calls, through complimentary tickets to special events, and through invitations to receptions, luncheons, and other social happenings. Personal face to face meetings help build a network of credibility for the campus community. Sending publications, such as IU Southeast Magazine, newsletters, bulletins, and press releases help cultivate support by providing information about the people, programs, and progress that is of common interest to donors and prospective donors.

The Office of Development is located in University Center South, room 151, and can be reached at(812) 941-2464.

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