Campus critical systems are any systems that involve water lines, power infrastructure, HVAC systems, communications systems, alarm systems, or any system that affects the health and safety of the campus community or campus visitors.

IU Southeast has established the following policies and procedures relating to scheduling work on critical systems in order to avoid dangerous situations or confusion on campus.

  • All scheduled work on critical systems must be approved by the executive director of Facility Operations and scheduled with the greatest of care. No work will be scheduled without first checking academic and event schedules and calendars.
  • Non-emergency work will not be scheduled during or near times when scheduled classes or events are taking place in affected buildings. If work is considered “emergency” and failure to do the work will compromise safety, then consideration must be given to cancellation of classes or events in affected areas (subject to VC approvals).
  • When fire alarm systems are offline, University Police, and designated personnel, will coordinate a fire watch by monitoring affected areas.
  • Facility Operations will notify the following immediately when work is scheduled on critical systems:
    • Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs
    • Administrative assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs
    • Chief of Police & Safety
    • Chief Information Officer
    • Director of Conference & Dining Services
    • Dean(s), director(s), or manager(s) of affected school(s), department(s), or unit(s).
  • Facility Operations will send an e-mail to the campus community at least one week in advance of the work and again one day in advance of the work
  • If work on critical systems is deemed “urgent,” Facility Operations will coordinate the work with affected schools, departments, units, or buildings with at least 48 hours’ notice.

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