• Chancellor’s Cabinet is comprised of the chancellor; the vice chancellors for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Administration and Finance, and Alumni and Community Relations. The Cabinet meets twice monthly or as needed and also holds off-campus retreats several times each year. It serves as the senior planning and decision-making authority for the campus.
  • Campus Budgetary Advisory Committee (CBAC)
    Provides recommendations to the chancellor and the Chancellor’s Cabinet on budgetary and other fiscal matters as part of the annual campus budget construction process for the following fiscal year and also at other times when requested
  • Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Diversity
    The Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Diversity is comprised of faculty, staff, and students appointed annually by the chancellor. Three diversity coordinators lead the Council: the dean of students, the director of staff equity and diversity/title IX deputy, and an appointed faculty member. The Council also includes the chancellor, and chief of staff. All campus community members are invited to offer suggestions to any council member. This group meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters. The Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Diversity is charged to:
    • Advise the chancellor and the chancellor’s cabinet regarding diversity plans and priorities.
    • Work with and advise campus community partners on implementation of campus diversity plans.
    • Serve as a high-level think tank to make recommendations to cabinet-level leadership.
    • Provide a mechanism for information sharing and programmatic coordination of diversity efforts across the campus.
  • Enrollment Management Committee
    • Ensures communication and coordination among administrative units and faculty committees whose responsibilities are directly related to enrollment management
    • Develops and oversees implementation of specific action plans related to enrollment management and to review relevant action plans developed by administrative units.
    • Provides advice and offers recommendations to faculty committees and responsible administrators regarding policies that affect enrollment management.
    • Communicates to the campus community about important issues affecting enrollment management.
  • Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee
    • Reviews, at least once every six months, the IU Southeast program for humane care and use of animals, using the guide as a basis.
    • Inspects, at least once every six months, all of the animal facilities, including animal study areas/satellite facilities, using the guide as basis.
    • Prepares reports of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) evaluations and submit the reports to the Institutional Official.
    • Reviews and investigates legitimate concerns involving the care and use of animals at the research facility resulting from public complaints and from reports of non-compliance received from facility personnel or employees.
    • Makes recommendations to the institutional official regarding any aspect of the research facility’s animal program, facilities, or personnel training.
    • Reviews, approves, and requires modifications in (to secure approval), or withhold approval of those activities related to the care and use of animals.
    • Reviews and approves, or recommends required modifications in (to secure approval), or withhold approval of proposed significant changes regarding the care and use of animals in ongoing activities.
    • Conducts continuing reviews of activities covered by Public Health Service (PHS) policy at appropriate intervals as determined by the committee, but no less than annually.
    • Suspends an activity involving animals when necessary; takes corrective action; and reports to the Institutional Official funding agency, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW).

Student Life Committee
The Chancellor of IU Southeast has charged the Student Life Committee with the following duties:

  • Conduct monthly review of Student Activity Fee accounts - monitor utilization and compliance, flag accounts before over-spending, and ensure utilization of all funds.
  • Make a recommendation for Student Activity Fee rates for the following year:
    • Inform SGA of Committee's recommendation and solicit student input via SGA members.
    • Discuss SGA input and make decision on recommendation to the Chancellor.
    • Report the approved Student Activity Fee allocation to the student body.
  • Conduct budget hearings for all student activity fee accounts each spring. Make recommendations to the Chancellor for allocation of student activity fee funds. Inform student body of annual student activity fee allocations.
  • Develop policy, procedures, and campus communications regarding the Learning Enrichment fund. Establish and evaluate student travel policies and funding practices. Make decisions on student requests using established Learning Enrichment guidelines.
  • Develop policy, procedures, and campus communications regarding the Registered Student Organization Grant. Make decisions on student organization requests using established RSO Grant guidelines.

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