This policy applies to any individual, including but not limited to, faculty, staff, visiting scholars, students, and non-university personnel, seeking approval and reimbursement of travel expenses from university or sponsored research funds, and any university unit seeking to use university funds to pay for travel expenses on behalf of any individual.

This policy also applies to anyone who approves or processes travel arrangements and expenses. A unit may set more restrictive requirements. In such case, the unit is responsible for documenting, communicating, and enforcing any such requirements.

Individual students or student groups (e.g., athletic teams, debate teams, musical groups, etc.) who represent the university and incur travel expenses that are to be reimbursed from an account administered by Indiana University must make arrangements through the appropriate academic school, department, and process. Student travel may be authorized if individual students or groups of students participate in an activity with an IU Southeast employee acting as an advisor or coordinator.

See Travel policy FIN-TRV-01 on the IU Travel Management Services website for additional travel policies and guidelines. Also refer to the IU Risk Management website for guidelines on student eligibility and use of university-sponsored vehicles.

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