Student clubs and organizations are considered to be part of the educational process. This approach is based upon research which has indicated that learning is influenced by peer groups in out-of-class experiences. Consequently, student organizations and groups are perceived as an opportunity to provide experiential learning opportunities for interested students.

Group Requirements

The Campus Life office provides services to student groups that agree to established criteria. Adherence to the guidelines will assure any student group of continued support from the Campus Life office. To establish a registered student organization, students must complete the registration packet and requirements, available from the Campus Life office or Campus Life involvement website.

Services Provided

Services provided by the Campus Life office include:

  • Conducting workshops on various leadership and organizational management topics.
  • Providing information on volunteer opportunities, tracking volunteer hours, and developing service projects.
  • Providing assistance with publicizing events.

For additional services and information, please refer to the Student Involvement Manual on the Campus Life involvement website.

Student Organization Start-up Funding

Any new student organization may apply for start-up funding from student activity fees. A request for $50 “seed money” should be submitted to the Student Life Committee for approval. The Campus Life office can assist a new student organization with the process of securing start-up “seed money.”

Advisor Duties

Each student group must have an advisor who is a full-time faculty or staff employee of IU Southeast. The advisor is expected to meet regularly with the organization and attend, support, and participate in its activities. He or she should provide information on university regulations, services available from various departments, and goals setting and attainment. Typically, the advisor will assist with financial matters as it relates to establishing a social club account with an area credit union or bank.

Student Group Offices

The university has provided a limited number of private offices in the Student Involvement Center for student organizations and groups to hold office hours, meetings, store materials, etc. Offices are assigned on an annual basis. Groups that want to apply for one of these offices may do so through the Associate Director of Campus Life. Criteria are outlined in the Student Involvement Manual on the Campus Life involvement website.

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