The basic rules and regulations governing travel are established by the State of Indiana and apply to all employees of state agencies. Indiana University has established IU Travel Guidelines that can be viewed on the Travel Management Services website.

Employee Travel and Driving Privileges

Any faculty or staff member traveling by vehicle (personal or IU-owned, arranged, or rented) for university business is required to become an IU-approved driver. Students must only become approved drivers if faculty are specifically advising them on how to get to a destination. See IU policy FIN-INS-02 for further information on the driving privileges policy.

Becoming an Approved Driver

To become an approved driver, a Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) check must be completed. Users can submit their information to INLOCC online or download and submit a paper form.

Checks are typically completed within the same business day, and the driver is notified once approved. Faculty and staff approvals auto-renew each year. Resubmission of an MVR check for faculty and staff is only required under special circumstances (e.g., state change, name change, type of license change, etc.).

*Student submissions do not auto-renew and must be requested each year driver approval is needed.

Liability Waiver Requirement

When coordinating an on-campus, off-campus, or volunteer activity/event, IU Legal requires the collection of a liability form. Various waivers are required for all student trips based on destination and if transportation is provided. The liability forms must be kept on file in the department for two years. If the trip is associated with a class, no liability form is required. You can submit your request for a Release from Liability Form online.

Questions regarding the approved drivers list or liability waivers can be sent via email to

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