(formerly known as Fee Courtesy)

IU Tuition Benefit for Full-Time Employee/Spouse

The IU tuition benefit for full-time employees and spouses of full-time employees is an Indiana University employee fringe benefit. Employees may receive a tuition benefit award for full tuition costs based on a certain dollar amount each semester. The summer sessions are added together and count as a single semester. The spouse of a full-time employee may receive a tuition benefit of one-half of the in-state undergraduate credit hour rate for up to three credit hours per semester, provided the spouse is an in-state resident.

IU Tuition Benefit for Dependent Children

The IU Tuition Benefit for children of full-time employees is an Indiana University employee fringe benefit. Dependent children of full-time faculty and staff may receive a tuition benefit for Dependent Children Award. This award covers on-half of the in-state undergraduate credit hour fee rate for up to 140 undergraduate hours. If the student is an out-of-state resident, this tuition benefit award will be applied to the non-resident tuition.

Procedures for Tuition Reimbursement

The application for tuition reimbursement must be completed online for employees, spouses, eligible retirees, eligible disabled employees, or dependent children and submitted electronically to University Human Resource Service (UHRS) at least three weeks prior to the first academic term for which tuition reimbursement is requested. UHRS will verify the status of the applicant and apply the tuition to the student’s bursar account. Separate forms must be submitted for each academic year. (Summer sessions are included in the academic year. If the applicant plans to attend more than one campus, separate forms must be filed for each campus. If the tuition reimbursement remittance is not processed and available when fees are payable, the student will be required to pay full fees and a refund will be issued later when the bursar receives the tuition reimbursement remittance. Any employee who believes that he or she have been unjustly denied the benefits of tuition reimbursement may present an appeal in writing to the University Tuition Appeals Committee.

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