The IU Southeast campus offers three locations for dining options; Subway, located in the Library Building; Papa John’s, located the lower level of University Center North; and University Grounds, located in University Center South across from the bookstore. The director of Dining Services manages all food service operations on campus. Visit the Dining Services website for additional information and hours of operation.

Conference & Catering

The Conference & Catering office is located in University Center North, room 125, and is available to assist with catering needs and room/facility reservations. To contact the office, please call (812) 941-2155 or (812) 941-2318. For further information, visit the Dining Services website.

Pre-event & Menu Planning

Please take a moment to read over these guidelines for booking catering services and contact the Conference & Catering office with questions. To provide the best possible service and accommodations, it is recommended that arrangements for events be made a minimum of two weeks in advance or earlier when possible. Menu selections must be submitted a minimum of seven business days prior to the event to ensure product availability.

Guaranteed Attendance

A guaranteed number of guests must be submitted to the Catering Office at least three business days in advance of the event in order to allow sufficient time for food procurement and staff scheduling. If a guaranteed number is not received, the highest estimated attendance figures will be considered the guarantee. The customer is responsible for 100% of the guaranteed number, plus any additional meals served. Counts may not be lowered less than three business days before the event. Additional guests may be added within 24 hours of the event; however, depending on the menu items they may or may not receive the same meal.


Groups without a department account will be required to fully pay the estimated bill three business days in advance of the event. Additional or remaining charges will be billed following the event. Prepayments may be made by check, money order, Master Card, or Visa. Non-university groups are subject to a service fee of 15% plus prevailing state sales tax.

Weekend Events and Non-operational Hours

Weekend and non-operational hours are subject to an additional service charge of 20% of the total invoice. These hours are defined as before 7 a.m. and after 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, weekends, and during academic breaks.

Vegetarian/Special Menu Needs

It is the responsibility of the event host to determine if special menus are needed for their guests. Conference and Catering is able to accommodate any special meals with advance notice. Last minute orders take time to prepare and guests may have to wait for their meal.

Leftover Food

For health and safety reasons, all leftover food product is the property of Conference and Catering Services and will be handled in accordance with the guideline set forth by the Indiana Department of Health. Except in cases where the customer has ordered a specific quantity of product for an event that is not supervised by Conference and Catering Services (e.g., cookies, donuts, etc.), leftover food cannot be removed from the site.

Outside Food/Beverages/Vendors

No outside food or beverages may be brought into the University Center meeting space unless previously approved. Food and beverage items must be purchased through the Catering Services department.

Alcohol Policy

Indiana University campuses, schools, and programs may occasionally host events at which alcoholic beverages may be appropriate. When alcoholic beverages are provided at a university event the following principles are paramount:

  1. No alcohol should be provided to anyone under the legal age.
  2. Stewardship of university resources must be considered when deciding whether it is appropriate to serve alcohol at an event.
  3. Consumption of alcohol should be only in moderation.
  4. When serving alcoholic beverages, a selection of non-alcoholic beverages shall also be made available to attendees.
  5. When alcohol is served food should also be served.
  6. No federal grants and very few private grants permit the reimbursement of costs associated with serving alcohol.
  7. Each campus is permitted to enact more stringent rules as to who must approve the expenditure for providing alcohol. At a minimum, the relevant dean or unit director should approve both the expenditure and the measures taken to assure that alcohol is served only in accord with these principles.

Please see IU Policy FIN-INS-10 for additional information.


Indiana University Southeast is a tobacco-free campus which fosters a healthy environment in which to learn, work, and live. For additional information, please see Indiana University Tobacco-Free Policy PS-04.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is welcome at Indiana University Southeast. Visitors should park in the student (ST) zones anytime and the employee (EM) zones after 6 p.m. and on weekends. There are no metered zones. For large-scale events, groups can direct questions through University Police.


Water Service

There is no additional charge for ice water ordered with a break service in the University Center. Orders for ice water only, without any other catering will be charged $1 per person; this service includes plastic cups, napkins, set up, and clean up.

Waste Disposal

Events not utilizing catering services may require that special arrangements be made for waste receptacles and disposal. This service is arranged with facilities management at extension 2330. In the event that Conference & Catering has to clean up, there will be an additional charge.


Cancellations within two (2) business days of the event may require payment in full if special food items have been ordered for the event. Cancellations three (3) business days in advance are charged a minimum of $50. Charges incurred during the coordination process that present a cost to the Catering department will be charged in full.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, all conference and catering events will either be cancelled or delayed based on the campus’s outlined guidelines. If classes and offices are on a delay, the conference and catering events will also be on a delay. If classes and offices are closed, all conference and catering events will also be cancelled for that day. If you have questions, please contact the conference and catering office at (812) 941-2155.

Conference and Catering Rules and Regulations for All Groups

  • No space in the conference center is to be utilized without prior reservation regardless of information posted on the room wizard.
  • Users will treat the conference center with the utmost care and respect for the facilities. The center was funded with public, taxpayer, and student funds. All users will be good stewards of the property and assets of the university.
  • No candles or any activity that violates fire code are permitted.
  • No obstruction of hallways, doors, or windows is allowed.
  • Windows cannot be covered under any circumstances, either in the center or elsewhere on campus.
  • Approved tape must be used to hang items from walls, please contact the Office of Conference and Catering to inquire about or obtain approved tape.
  • No movement of furniture, equipment, or technology is permitted without the permission and/or assistance of Conference & Catering staff.
  • Respect will be given to all other groups conducting concurrent meetings.
  • Intended use of the conference center space must be documented. Failure to disclose the intended use will preclude use of the center.
  • Users must not cause damage to the facilities or equipment.
  • Rooms must be left in the same condition they were in at the start of the event.
  • All lights and technology must be turned off at the end of the event.

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