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The health and safety of IU faculty, staff, students, and guests are our highest priority. To protect our campus community, the Southeast campus will follow the conference and event guidance set forth by the university. All events meeting the minimum attendance must be reviewed by the university events committee prior to engagement of event staff or announcement of the event.

Health and safety

Events September 2022 until further notice

Events with 50 or more people who will need to be in physical attendance

Complete the process below.

  1. This should be started prior to advertising your event.
  2. Submit a request to the University Events Committee for review.
  3. When the approval has been received, the event can start to be announced and promoted.
  4. Add the event to the IU Southeast campus calendar. This can take up to 2 business days.

Events with less than 50 people or that are being held virtually

  1. Add the event to the IU Southeast campus calendar. This can take up to 2 business days.

  • No space in the Conference Center is to be utilized without prior reservation regardless of information posted on the Room Wizard.
  • Users will treat the Conference Center with the utmost care and respect for the facilities. The Center was funded with the public, taxpayer, and student funds. All users will be good stewards of the property and assets of the University.
  • No candles or any activity that violates the fire code.
  • No obstruction of hallways, doors, or windows.
  • Windows cannot be covered under any circumstances, either in the Center or elsewhere on campus.
  • Approved tape must be used to hang items from walls.
  • No movement of furniture, equipment, or technology without the permission and/or assistance of C&C staff.
  • Respect will be given to all other groups conducting concurrent meetings.
  • We will need to document the intended use of the Conference Center space when the reservation is made. Failure to disclose intended use will preclude use of the Center.
  • Users will not cause any damage to the facilities or equipment.
  • Rooms will be left in the same condition they were in at the start of the event.
  • All lights and technology will be turned off at the end of the event.
  • Groups that fail to comply with the above rules will be sanctioned as follows:
    • Groups will be charged for the cost of damage, cleaning, repairs, etc.
    • Users will be denied use of the Center for a period of at least 18 months (with 24 months or indefinitely being additional options); in order to regain eligibility to use the Center, groups must submit a written request that includes the steps that will be taken to prevent improper use. Such written request must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.

Book a Conference Room

Your meetings and special events have a perfect home here on our gorgeous campus

Our beautiful conference center offers state-of-the-art technology in beautifully appointed conference rooms. If you need a meeting space for 5 or 300 we can help! Our rooms feature state-of-the-art technology LCD projectors, flat screens, complimentary high-speed internet, and video conference capabilities all included in the rental cost of the space.

Conference Center
The conference center makes world-class facilities available for bookings by on- and off-campus groups. Our new meeting spaces include (from largest to smallest):

  • Hoosier Room (East & West): Seating Capacity 375
  • Room 127: Seating Capacity 90
  • Room 122: Seating Capacity 40
  • Room 121: Seating Capacity 40
  • Room 128: Seating Capacity 14
  • Room 126: Seating Capacity 14
  • Room 120: Seating Capacity 14
  • Room 124: Seating Capacity 8
  • Room 123: Seating Capacity 8

Let our office help you plan your event!

IU Southeast also offers catering guidance for all events. Reach out to our office—we are happy to assist your group with planning your event and providing guidance to obtain food and beverage services that best suit your needs and your budget.