The Indiana University Southeast Police Department is a fully empowered law enforcement agency. The main objective of this department is to ensure the safety, peace, and tranquility of the academic community. The University Police Department's primary jurisdiction is on any university-owned property, as well as streets that pass through or around the property. The department also shares concurrent jurisdiction with, and assists, other local police agencies.

Emergency Services

For emergency assistance, dial 2400. IU’s regional dispatch center maintains radio contact with the officer(s) on duty and has the ability to immediately dispatch an officer to the scene of an emergency situation. In the event that an officer cannot be contacted, please dial 911. 911 calls made on campus property route to Floyd County Emergency Services, where radio contact is maintained with IUPD-Southeast personnel. The dispatcher must be notified of the exact location within campus of the emergency.

Information regarding emergency preparedness and response may be found on the University Police Department website.

Non-Emergency Services:

Non-emergency services of the department include enforcing federal and state laws and university policy and around-the-clock patrolling of buildings for security, administration of facilities key program, enforcing parking and traffic regulations, providing first responder assistance, handling risk management issues, and operating the hazardous materials and bio-hazard programs. Additional services include conducting safety inspections of buildings, facilities, and equipment; administering a fire safety program; assisting motorists with vehicle problems; providing employee safety and first-aid training programs; and providing other safety and security services that will enhance the operations of the academic and administrative units. Additional information regarding non-emergency services may be found on the University Police Department website.

Vehicle Services:

The University Police provides battery jumps and vehicle unlocks for vehicles on campus property. Both services require a signature on a liability waiver by the driver. The police also have a portable air tank and can assist with a minor flat tire.

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