In the event that conditions make it impossible or impractical for staff members to work, they may be released by their department head for the balance of the workday with no loss of pay. Such releases must be cleared with the Chancellor. Should the adverse conditions extend beyond that day, or come at a time that allows notice prior to employees reporting to work, staff members will be required to make up the lost time or apply against: vacation accrual, accrued compensating time, bonus time, or personal affairs time.

In some cases, it may be possible to assign staff members to work at a different campus location or work remotely, in accordance with university policy on remote work. Any make-up time should be reported to Human Resources with a memo of explanation. Make-up time will be assigned by the department head and credited on an hour-for-hour basis. It should be completed within 90 days of the incident. Staff members leaving University employment prior to making up the time should have this fact noted to Payroll so that the final paycheck can be adjusted appropriately. Employees may request absence with benefits but without pay in lieu of being charged for the absence.

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