Alumni Relations

Ongoing relations with alumni are coordinated and managed by the Office of Alumni & Community Relations. The Office has the responsibility of maintaining files, managing and directing alumni programs, special events, and assisting in fund raising.

Schools, divisions, and departments that wish to contact alumni are free to do so, but are asked to coordinate with the Office of Alumni & Community Relations.


Foremost in the building of alumni relationships is communication. The Offices of Alumni & Community Relations  and Public Relations & Marketing have teamed together to publish a quarterly magazine with class notes, articles about alumni programs and activities, and news about campus events.

Monthly, the Office of Alumni & Community Relations publishes an e-mail newsletter which provides information to alumni that is specific to alumni events and/or a school or division. Those who have an interest in providing information to alumni are encouraged to submit material to the Office of Alumni & Community Relations for consideration. Also, faculty or staff who receive comments, concerns, or news from alumni are asked to share them with the Office.


Equal in priority for the Office of Alumni & Community Relations is service to alumni. When alumni stop by the office, the vice chancellor of Alumni & Community Relations will follow up with a personal memo thanking them for the visit. If comments are written on return mail the office receives, there will be a response within 48 hours.

Furthermore, through the E-newsletter, correspondence, brochures, and other materials, the Office of Alumni & Community Relations will continually make alumni aware of the services available to them. The most frequently requested service is for information about an alumnus (a). Unless there is a confidentiality concern, the office will provide the information. In situations where an individual is requesting a list of names and addresses for commercial purposes, the office will not comply. Alumni have made it clear they do not wish to be solicited by non-University enterprises.

Alumni Board of Directors

The responsibility of the IU Southeast Alumni Board is to promote the interests of IU Southeast and its alumni, and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between IU Southeast and its alumni by creating and sponsoring alumni programs and communications that will carry forward these purposes.

The IU Southeast Alumni Board will be composed of the officers of the Association; the vice chancellor of Alumni & Community Relations; and not less than eight nor more than thirteen members elected from nominations made by the Nominating Committee. The officers of the Association will consist of a President, vice president, secretary, treasurer, the vice chancellor of Alumni & Community Relations (who shall serve as an advisor), and the immediate past president (who will be a voting officer of the association). The Board should strive to get one person from each degree-granting unit but in no event shall they have less than 4 units represented. All Board members must be regular members in good standing.

All Board members, except officers, will be elected or appointed for a three year term; however, the Bylaws may allow for staggered terms for continuity purposes. The vice president, secretary, and treasurer will be elected to serve for a period of one year. The vice president will automatically assume the Presidency of the Association at the end of his/her one year term unless both President and vice president and the Nominating Committee are in agreement to extend the President’s tenure by an additional year, at which point the vice president will then assume the office of Presidency and shall serve for a period of one year.

The IU Southeast Alumni Association is a constituent society of the IU Alumni Association.

Ceremonies and Commencement

The vice chancellor of Alumni & Community Relations with assistance from the manager of Special Projects is responsible for coordinating Commencement activities, working closely with the IU President’s Office and the campus Registrar’s Office. Other official ceremonies, such as groundbreaking, ribbon cutting, and building dedication, are coordinated by the manager of Special Projects.

The Office of Alumni & Community Relations is located in University Center South, room 155, and can be reached at (812) 941-2384.

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