General Statement of Policy:

The Ogle Center serves the internal and external communities, providing facilities for music, theater, and fine arts performance, for shows and other entertainment, and for conferences, seminars, workshops, and other gatherings. Scheduled programs, special events, and other activities must be in keeping with the mission and purpose of the university, reflecting high academic, aesthetic, and educational qualities for which the university is known. It is expected that users of the Ogle Center respect the physical integrity of the building.

Scheduling Priorities:

Scheduling of Ogle Center facilities is the responsibility of the Ogle Center Director. The Ogle Center Venue Request Form should be completed online. A downloadable pdf form can be accessed online from the Ogle Center website. Academic activities of the music, theatre, and fine arts departments receive first priority for scheduling. Community arts groups, outside shows, and other contract engagements receive second priority. The third priority is the scheduling of internal and external seminars, workshops, and other activities. Once an event is scheduled and confirmed, it cannot be changed without authorization by the administration.

Booking Procedures:

Procedures and deadlines for booking events are designed to facilitate the smooth operation of the Ogle Center. Most of the programs and activities will take place in one of the five main venues of the Ogle Center, namely, the Richard K. Stem Concert Hall, the Robinson Theater, the Stiefler Recital Hall, the Ronald L. Barr Art Gallery, or the Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County Amphitheater.

Venue Requests for scheduling the facilities are reviewed by the Ogle Center staff weekly, and availability is determined based on available space and staffing resources. The Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts Departments should submit venue requests for requested dates on July 1 of the year prior to scheduling. For example, the departments would complete venue requests for needed dates for 2020-2021 by no later than July 1, 2019. This will enable the director to begin scheduling performing arts groups and children and family series shows a year in advance of the performance. Bookings for corporate groups, university groups, and others that want to schedule the facilities for events such as seminars, luncheons, workshops, and meetings will begin June 1 for the coming academic year, and will continue as needed throughout the year as facilities are available.

An appropriate fee schedule for labor reimbursement and use of the facilities and technical equipment is developed by the Ogle Center Director and distributed to external and internal groups who are prospective clients. This fee schedule will be available by July of each year.

The Ogle Center Director:

The Ogle Center director has responsibility for the overall operation of the venues and other facilities in the Center, including safety and fire code enforcement. The director oversees both the operating budget and the auxiliary budget. The director supervises the technicians, ticketing and guest services manager, administrative assistant, and marketing manager and develops the programming for the season with the help of staff and the Ogle Center Advisory Committee. The director markets and advertises the activities and events that take place, and in collaboration with the Office of Advancement secures funding for the Ogle Center in the form of gifts, ad sales, and sponsorships.

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