Use of the official seal of Indiana University is restricted to authentication of contracts, diplomas, transcripts, deed, notes, and other official document records for which there are legal requirements. If a signature is involved, the signer must have been authorized to sign university documents which commit or obligate the university or to verify official university records (such as transcripts). For purpose of this policy, the official seal of Indiana University shall mean the university seal impressed by means of devises available only in the offices of the Trustees, the President of the university, and the registrars on all campuses.

All IU Southeast logos are registered trademarks of the Trustees of Indiana University. They may be used on all official Indiana University materials and communications.

Manufacturers or service providers who wish to use the university's name or marks on commercial products or in advertising their products or services must first secure a license from Indiana University through IU Licensing and Trademarks.

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