Financial Aid provides assistance and advice to students who would be unable to pursue their education at the university without such help. Scholarships, grants, loans, and part-time employment are available singly or in various combinations to assist in meeting the difference between the cost of attending IU Southeast and the amount the student and student’s family can reasonably be expected to provide. Information on financial aid policies, procedures, applications, award programs, and eligibility requirements can be found on the Financial Aid website or in the Office of Financial Aid.

Payments to Students

When paying a student, it is important to ensure the payment has been classified correctly in order to satisfy compliance requirements with federal and state regulations, IU policies, and donor intent. It is important to understand which payment method is correct for each set of circumstances in order to facilitate accurate treatment and reporting for both the student and the university.

There are four acceptable ways to provide funds to students. In the order of prevalence of use, the methods are:

  1. Student Information System (SIS) – Awards to support the student’s direct education and education-related expenses (generally scholarships/fellowships, grants). Used to record virtually any payment made to or on behalf of an IU student.
  2. Human Resource Management System (HRMS) – Compensation for services performed.
  3. Chrome River (Travel) – Reimbursement or pre-payment when a student travels on behalf of IU (for university business), for their own educational or developmental benefit, alone or as part of a group. Payments made through Chrome River must also be recorded in the SIS and are considered financial aid unless the student is travelling on behalf of IU.
  4. BUY.IU – This method is only appropriate for payments to students in very rare circumstances, such as payment of a cash prize in a contest not restricted to students.

It is important to note that any payment processed through SIS as a scholarship and any payment made on behalf of a student for travel, must be reported to Financial Aid before the payment is processed. In the case of a scholarship, the award will post to the student’s bursar account. In case of a travel payment or reimbursement, the amount will be noted on the student’s financial aid account, but payment can still be processed through Chrome River.

To simplify the process, Financial Aid has created a form to make a payment to a student.

This includes conference/travel paid on the student’s behalf, or one-time departmental awards. Financial Aid will review and send email confirmation to departments who submit it as confirmation of FA review/approval. It should be completed prior to any money being spent.

Student Payment Guidelines
Questions regarding a student payment for your school/department? Contact your account’s Fiscal Officer. Not sure who the Fiscal Officer is for your account? Email

Student Funding Review Form
Student Funding Review form/process questions? Contact

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