Study where you want to

You have plenty of options at Indiana University. You can transfer from one campus to another. You can study at another university and transfer your credits to IU. You can transfer to IU Southeast from another university. Or you can study at IU while you’re enrolled at another university.

Read on to learn more about each of these options.

Transfer between IU campuses

Want to transfer from one IU campus to another? Follow these guidelines:

  • Talk to your current academic advisor as soon as possible. Degree requirements might vary between campuses. If your advisor knows of your plan, your academic program may be designed to meet the requirements of the campus you plan to attend.
  • Fill out an intercampus transfer application.
  • Contact the department chairperson or advisor at the campus you plan to attend. Make sure to ask about anything special you need to do, such as submitting a portfolio or auditioning.
  • When you arrive on the new campus, contact your advisor as soon as possible. Discuss your academic progress and the coursework you’ll need for your new degree program.

Stay an IU student, but take classes somewhere else

Did you know you can take classes at another college or university and apply to transfer those credits back to IU? Take these steps.

Some schools may require you to show you are in good standing at your home institution before you may enroll as a transient, visiting student. To do so, request an enrollment certification.

See if the courses you want to take will transfer to IU Southeast.

Use IU’s Credit Transfer Service

After you’ve completed a course outside of IU, you’ll need to have your official transcript from the other university sent directly to the IU Southeast Office of Admissions.

Learn how your credits transfer