Calculate Your GPA

Want to know your grade point average?

You can calculate your expected GPA before semester grades are officially released. All you need to know is:

Calculate your semester GPA

Calculate Your Semester GPA

Your semester GPA is calculated by dividing your credit points by your credit hours.

Credit hoursLetter gradeCredit pointsAction
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Your semester GPA: 3.0.

Calculate your overall GPA

Calculate Your Cumulative GPA

Your overall GPA is calculated by dividing your cumulative course hours by your cumulative points. Enter your prior course hours and points. Your current semester hours, points, and GPA will be included automatically.

Your cumulative GPA: 3.0.

What is –and isn’t-included in your GPA calculation

Only courses with grades of A+ through F are used in calculating your GPA.

Courses taken at non-IU institutions are not used in calculating your IU GPA.

If the student enrolled at more than one IU campus during an academic career, the cumulative GPA would reflect the student's Indiana University GPA, and not separate it by campus.

Separate GPAs are calculated for undergraduate work and for graduate work, so if student pursued both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree at IU, the GPA's would be calculated separately and both appear on the transcript.