Credit or Debit Card

Pay your bill with a credit or debit card

You can pay your bill online with a credit or debit card, but be aware that you’ll be charged a nonrefundable service fee each time. To avoid paying a service charge, pay online by electronic check instead, or mail or bring a check to our payment window.

The service fee for online credit or debit card payment is collected by the online payment service, not by IU, so it won’t be posted to your student account. IU does not receive any part of the service fee and cannot waive it. You are responsible for paying the entire service fee.

You can avoid a service fee by paying online with an electronic check.

Still want to pay with your credit or debit card? Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can pay with your credit or debit card online only. We don’t accept credit or debit cards at our payment window.
  • If you pay by MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, one transaction will appear on your credit card statement for the total paid (student account payment plus service fee).
  • If you pay by VISA, two transactions will appear on your credit card statement (one for your student account payment and one for the service fee).
  • For tax purposes, keep your payment receipts. Don’t rely on your credit card statements since they include the service charge.
  • We’ll refund an overpayment made by credit card to the credit card account. We will not refund any portion of the service fee.

How to pay by credit or debit card

  1. Log into One.IU.
  2. The Account Summary page shows your payment options. To view your bill, choose “Statements.”
  3. On the Account Summary page, choose whether you want to pay your total due, a deferment amount if offered (enter the amount to pay), or other amount. Choose the corresponding “Pay” button to be taken to Higher One’s electronic payment system.
  4. For the payment method, choose “Enter new credit card information.” The nonrefundable service charge will be displayed.
  5. To continue with your payment, check the box acknowledging that you understand and accept the nonrefundable service charge, then choose “Continue Checkout.” If you do not agree to the service fee, choose “Cancel My Transaction” instead.
  6. If you choose to continue with your payment, enter your card information, verify that it is correct, and then choose “Continue Checkout.” If you wish to save your card information for future payments, add a payment profile name such as “My Credit Card.”
  7. Make sure your payment information is accurate and then choose “Submit Payment.”
  8. After you’ve submitted your payment, your receipt will be displayed. If you would like to email the receipt to yourself or someone else, choose “Email Another Receipt” and enter the email address.
  9. If you would like to print a receipt, choose “View Printable Receipt.”
  10. After you’re finished, choose “Return to IU” to see your updated balance, or close your browser to log out.