Title IV Authorization

Authorize IU to use your financial aid

Make sure you consider signing a Title IV authorization in One.IU before your aid is applied to your student account (usually around 10 days before classes start). Consider signing this authorization if you’re receiving any of the following aid:

Why you should sign an authorization

If you don’t sign a Title IV authorization, your aid can’t be used to pay miscellaneous charges such as athletics tickets, parking permits, orientation fees, Health Center visits, library fines, or other optional fees.

If you don’t sign an authorization:

  • You could get a refund and still owe miscellaneous charges.
  • Your account could be past due and you would be charged a late payment fee.

A Title IV authorization remains in effect for your entire IU academic career unless you revoke it. It’s campus-specific, so if you transfer to another IU campus, you must sign a new authorization.