How to Keep Your Grants & Loans

What happens when you repeat a course?

If you receive less than an A in a course, you may be eligible to retake the course through IU’s Extended-X policy. However, federal regulations say that repeated courses can’t be included in your enrollment status when we calculate your federal financial aid eligibility in some cases.

If either of the below applies to you, your Title IV Federal Aid eligibility will be affected—including Pell Grants and Federal Direct Loans. If you’re receiving Title IV aid, we’ll let you know if you’re enrolled in non-repeatable coursework during a term.

If you’re enrolled in 12 credit hours during which you repeat a previously passed 3 credit hour course for the second time, only nine of your credit hours can be used to calculate your financial aid eligibility. Your enrollment will be reported as three-quarter time rather than full time, which may affect your federal grants and loans.

Let’s say you enroll in four related classes in the fall and pass only three of them. Your department requires you to take all four courses at the same time, so you have to retake all four in the spring. Only the class you failed would be included in your enrollment status, which means your enrollment would be reported as less than half time. This would cause your Federal Pell Grant to be recalculated and any Federal Direct Loans to be cancelled for the term.