Do your instructors know you’re there?

Beginning the second week of the term, your instructors will check to make sure their attendance records match the lists of students officially registered for their classes. You’ll want to make sure your attendance is being reported correctly on your Student Engagement Roster (Student) Tile (SER) in One.IU.

Class attendance is required. Illness is usually the only acceptable excuse for absence from class. Other absences must be explained to the satisfaction of the instructor, who will decide whether missed assignments may be made up. A student who is absent from the final examination and who has a passing grade up to that time may be given a grade of I (incomplete) at the discretion of the instructor. The student must contact the instructor within two weeks of the examination date to schedule a make-up examination. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade being awarded in the course.

Sometimes your attendance report may be different from your actual attendance. If any of the following situations apply to you, read on to find out how to handle them.

  1. Your attendance report says you aren’t attending a class, even though you are:
    • If you’ve been attending class and completing coursework but your attendance report states that you haven’t been attending, talk with your instructor. You may have been accidentally reported as not attending.
  2. Your attendance report says you’re enrolled in a class, but you haven’t been attending it
    • If you haven’t been attending a class that you’re enrolled in, but you plan to complete the course, ask your instructor what you should do.
  3. Your attendance report says you’re not actually enrolled in a class you’ve been attending
    • If you’ve been showing up to class and doing coursework but your attendance report says you aren’t enrolled, review your class schedule. If it turns out you really aren’t enrolled, find out if you can  add the class.
    • If you’re attending a course to remove an Incomplete, remind your instructor of your status.

  • If you don’t attend a class during the last part of the semester, and you don’t officially drop the class, you’ll receive an F in the class. If your instructor has reason to believe that your absence was out of your control, he or she may report a grade of Incomplete (I)
  • Failing to officially withdraw from a class can also affect your financial aid eligibility.

Note: A student should NOT attend a course in which he or she is not officially enrolled. Doing so can be construed as an act of academic dishonesty or as a theft of services and could be subject to appropriate disciplinary or legal sanctions. Students are encouraged to pursue the payment plan available through the Student Central office if needed.