Late Drop/Add

Dropping or adding classes after the first week of the semester

You can add or drop classes after the first week of classes up until the automatic withdrawal period using eDrop/eAdd.

Your request might take at least 24 hours to process completely.

  • Withdrawals will be posted on the date you submitted the request.
  • Monitor the status of your drop or add requests through "Track My eDocs" in the eDrop/eAdd app.

For any problems with course changes, email from your IU email.

Consider searching for second eight-week classes and other classes that have not yet started. Instructors may not approve your add request if you’ve missed too much of the semester.

You’ll get a “W” (withdrawn) on your transcript for any class you drop. Withdrawing from a class doesn’t protect you from the consequences of academic misconduct.

If you want to drop all your classes, you’ll need to withdraw from the university.

To withdraw from a class after the automatic W deadline, you will still go to eDrop/eAdd, however after the deadline you will encounter a bright yellow warning box before you get to the list of your enrolled classes, letting you know you that approval, and a non-GPA relevant “W” are not automatic. Following the end of the Auto-W period, a withdrawal requires approval of both the instructor and the program coordinator or dean of the offering school.

Withdrawals during this period are generally approved when there are articulated, urgent reasons relating to extended illness or equivalent distress. Per IU-Wide policy, instructors may “approve” a late withdrawal with a grade of “F,” if student is failing the class at the time of the late withdrawal request. If you are worried about your GPA, talk with your instructor to see if there are better options available.

This late withdrawal period extends to the last day of scheduled classes (not the exam period) for the semester or session.

Learn about your grades

Withdrawal after the last day of scheduled classes for the semester or session ends requires submitting a Late Withdrawal Petition, with supporting documentation, to the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (EVCAA). The Late Withdrawal Petition is reserved for the most exigent of circumstances related to extended illness, death of family or close associate or similar distress.

Procure the Late Withdrawal Petition (colloquially called “The Purple Form”) from Student Central. Complete the form; prepare a typed personal statement, explaining your circumstances during the past semester, and address why you were unable to withdraw by any of the prior stated deadlines. If reasons relate to illness or death of your or close associate or family member, attach documentation such as a statement of service with dates from a medical provider; obituary or funeral program. Print and attach a copy of your student schedule for the past semester you seek Late Withdrawal from. Bring the assembled petition packet to Student Central, who will forward it to the Executive Vice Chancellor for review.

Per campus policy, Student Central must receive completed, documented Late Withdrawal Petitions on or before these dates for consideration by the EVCAA:

  • March 15th for preceding Fall semester
  • September 1st for preceding Spring semester
  • November 1st for preceding Summer semester

The cycle time for a late withdrawal petition is 4-6 weeks as the EVCAA’s office does seek feedback from your instructors as part its review. Decisions are sent by that office to your IU e-mail account, and to the Office of the Registrar to amend your record, if necessary.

Using eDrop / eAdd

You can use eDrop and eAdd alone or together however keep the following tips in mind before you submit an eDrop, eAdd, or both.

Submitting a request is not a confirmation that the course has been dropped or added. After the appropriate instructor, department chair, and/or dean has approved your request, you’ll get an email confirming that your request was approved and your schedule has changed. It’s your responsibility to monitor the status of your request.

Until you receive an email that says an eDrop request has been approved, you’re still enrolled in the course and should continue to attend all classes. Any request that hasn’t been approved or denied two weeks after you submit it may be subject to cancellation. If it is canceled due to inactivity, you will still be enrolled in the class and will receive a grade. The Office of the Registrar follows up with aging requests regularly.

Additional tuition charges may apply when you change your schedule.

Once an eAdd request is approved, the date you submitted it will be the date used to add the class and determine the fees you’ll pay. Adding classes that cause you to go over/under the 12–18 credit hour range (bandit tuition) can have an effect on the amount you pay for the semester.

Dropping classes could result in adjustment to your financial aid.

If you use eDrop/eAdd Pair, each of your requests depends on the approval of the other. If either one is not approved, neither request will be processed. However, if you submit your request by the automatic W deadline and the eAdd component is denied after the deadline, you may still be able to drop the class.

Options to consider before dropping classes

  • Review the class syllabus to figure out what your final grade could be.
  • Meet with your instructor to learn what you can do to improve your grade.
  • Manage your time to focus on the classes, assignments, and exams that will help your progress the most. Ask your instructors and advisor for help setting priorities.
  • Talk to your instructor about the possibility of an incomplete.
  • Consider retaking the class in the future.
  • Consider dropping all classes, which is possible the last day of class defined in the academic calendar.

To drop classes after the last day of class for the session, contact us at (812) 941-2100 or e-mail us at to discuss if and how you might be able to drop classes.