Current Residents

Living in the lodges can be the most fun and memorable experience that a student can choose. Engaging successfully in a close community can also be challenging as individuals interact with others who have values, beliefs, orientations, and lifestyles different from their own.

It is important for resident students to remember that all members of the community serve a valued role. Because a large number of students live together in close proximity, a certain set of standards must be understood.

The Bill of Rights below outlines resident student rights and responsibilities which are designed to ensure that everyone has a successful experience on campus. These rights and responsibilities also help to protect the health, welfare, and comfort of everyone in the lodge community.

Each resident has the right:

  1. To a safe, well-maintained living environment.
  2. To live in a community free of intolerance, bigotry, and abuse.
  3. To free access to his or her room, apartment, and the community spaces in his or her lodge.
  4. To study in the lodge free of unruly and disruptive behavior.
  5. To engage in critical evaluation and debate of differing views, opinions, values, and beliefs in a manner that affirms the diversity of the world around us.
  6. To confront, in an appropriate way, the inappropriate or unacceptable behavior or conduct of another resident.

Each resident is responsible for:

  1. Knowing and understanding the contents of the Residence Life and Housing Student Handbook, the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, and the housing contract.
  2. Taking ownership of the community in which they have chosen to live.
  3. Respecting the individual rights and freedoms of other members of the community, even when they may not agree.
  4. Reporting any damage in their apartment or lodge to RLH staff (Meadow Lodge 103) as soon as possible.
  5. Being an active participant in their own residential and academic experience.
  6. Engaging in service to IU Southeast and the local community.
  7. Following and reporting violations of RLH and University policies.

Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.

We offer several events throughout the year for residents to enjoy. Additional information regarding upcoming events will be posted in each lodge.

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