Recruit Students to IU Southeast

Help us find the next generation of IU Southeast alumni

If you know of a student who would make a great addition to IU Southeast, let us know!

When you do, the admissions office will contact them to make sure they have all the information they need to decide if IU Southeast is the right place for them. We’ll also invite them to special events and get to know them personally.

Refer a student program

One of the best ways for alumni to help our alma mater is to refer students who would make a great addition to our campus. Please let us know who you think should be a Grenadier!

Volunteer to recruit students for us

Choosing a college is hard. Students are trying to figure out where they fit in, where they want to go in life, and which university will help them get there.

They could use a little reassurance. And who better to give it than you—a proud and happy IU Southeast alum?

When you sign up to volunteer, you get to meet with students who are considering attending IU Southeast and give them the inside scoop they need to make their decision. Tell them what you liked best about your campus—and share moments you’ll never forget.

Help host an IUAA Kentuckiana Region event

Show admitted students just how spirited IU Southeast alumni are by hosting an event in their honor.

The nature of the event is up to you, but we suggest pairing it with a big game or scholarship event. And all you have to do is be prepared to share what you love about the IU Southeast experience.

Volunteer to host a prospective student at your place of employment

Today’s students want to know where their education will take them. They want to see employment opportunities and connect what they will be learning in the classroom with the real-world outcomes.

As a graduate of IU Southeast, you can help by hosting prospective or current students where you work! This will help answer their questions and provide them with a better understanding about how their education and degree from IU Southeast can set them up for future employment success.

Get started

The Alumni Student Recruitment program is managed through the Office of Advancement and Alumni at IU Southeast in conjunction with the IU Alumni Association Kentuckiana Region and the IU Southeast Office of Admissions.

To learn more or to volunteer, please email us at, or call (812) 941-2663.