Pathways and Career Choices

Figure out your pathway

Unsure of your major or future career plans? Need help figuring out how to make your major work for you? IU Southeast helps you answer both of these questions.

Our Pathways Course (COAS-S 154) helps undecided students focus on what major and future career may be best for them. The first step is learning more about you, your skills, and your interests. From there, our dedicated instructors can help you create a plan that gets you from major to career!

For more information, reach out to Academic Advising.

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What course should I take?

Whatever your area, there is a career course for you. Career classes exist across majors to help you develop your career planning goals. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Careers for History majors (H199)
  • Careers in Criminal Justice (P199)
  • Career Development for Informatics majors (Y395)
  • Career Perspectives in Business (X220)

Are you ready to take your next step by getting career-ready with hands-on experience?