IUScholarWorks Depositing

New library service

IU Southeast Library works to meet all of your publisher requirements and deposit your published work for you in IUScholarworks.

Benefits of open access

Making your published research available via IUScholarworks makes your research Open Access and increases equitable access to your scholarly output.

Deij initiative

Including your research in IUScholarworks is considered a DEIJ initiative and can be reported as such in IU Digital Measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this permissible by my publisher?

Most academic publishers allow authors to deposit a version of their article in their institution’s repository (IUScholarWorks). The IU Southeast Library investigates your rights with the publisher and meets all publisher requirements when depositing your article.

Can you deposit the published version in IUScholarWorks

In most cases, no. Publishers usually only allow one version of the article to be shared via the author’s institutional repository. This version is commonly called the Author Accepted Manuscript or AAM.

What is the author accepted manuscript (AAM)?

The Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) is usually a Microsoft Word document and is the last version of the article that you submitted to the journal and officially triggered the acceptance of the article for publication. This version would not have undergone any formatting or typesetting by the publisher.

My publisher enforces an embargo on recently published articles. Can the library accommodate embargo periods?

Yes. When investigating your rights as an author with your publishers the library also identifies other publisher requirements. These include embargo periods. When uploading the article to IUScholarWorks, your embargo will be applied and this version of your article will be available after the embargo period expires.

How does the library track faculty publication?

The IU Southeast Library harvests data monthly from Scopus to identify IU Southeast faculty publications. Once IU Southeast authors are identified, library staff will reach out to the author to seek participation in this service. Alternatively, IU Southeast authors can reach out to the library at the time of acceptance and share the Author Accepted Manuscript for their new article.

Is this service only for recently published work?

No. The Library will work with you to investigate your rights and permission for any previous work as well. The Author Accepted Manuscript is usually the only version permissible and if you have saved that version or have access to that version of previously published articles, the Library can deposit those as well.



If you have questions about IUScholarWorks depositing, please contact Kate Ziady at or 812-941-2189.

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