The IQ-Wall is the coolest new addition to campus. Located in the Library third floor, the IQ-Wall has 12 screens, a powerful desktop workstation, and enough inputs for your favorite personal devices. The limits for what you can do with the IQ-Wall are bound only by your imagination. The IQ-Wall is a fully democratized space, available to any student, faculty, or staff member in our campus community.

Here are a few scenarios of how the IQ-Wall might be used:

  • Spend some time showing off your final project to your faculty and peers.
  • Treat your class to a more immersive multimedia environment for a special lecture session.
  • Get additional context by “changing the game” on visualization: see small things become big, or view big things that would never fit on your personal device.
  • Make a presentation to a group of colleagues with a full multimedia experience.
  • Host an event with a bigger than life electronic backdrop.
  • Let off a little steam with some time on your gaming console and one huge display.

These are just a few ideas. However, we know that with thousands of big brains in the campus community, we're just scratching the surface. Stop on by the Library to try out your ideas on the IQ-Wall!

IQ-Wall Tips and Tricks

Connecting your personal devices

Connecting your personal devices to the IQ-Wall is easy! Using industry standard HDMI connections you can have your laptop, tablet, or gaming system set up in no time at all.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The HDMI input sends High Definition video and audio to the IQ-Wall.
  • You can connect your device wirelessly using the Solstice app. See the instructions posted next to the IQ-Wall.

    If you are planning to bring your personal device to connect to the IQ-Wall, don’t forget to bring your HDMI cable to make a connection!

Sizing Media for the IQ-Wall

The IQ-Wall in its simplest form is just a computer connected to a really large display. How big? Well, the full-screen mode resolution is 7,680 pixels wide by 4,320 pixels high! This is important information if you want to display an image on the IQ-Wall. Bigger pictures are better! If you are working with Media and Marketing to get photos that can be used on the IQ-Wall, please be sure to let them know, so the photos can be sized for maximum impact.

Working with the large format display

We’ve made some customizations to the IQ-Wall’s integrated PC that make it easier to navigate Windows on such a large format monitor. However, working with large windows that span the huge display can be a daunting task. When working in a window, sometimes it helps to make the window smaller so that you can focus in on a smaller area. Then, when you are ready to show to the wider audience, maximize the window.

Using the wireless keyboard and mouse

The IQ-Wall’s PC is controlled with a wireless keyboard and mouse. The receiver for the wireless peripherals is located on top of the IQ-Wall equipment cabinet. If you are using the wireless keyboard or mouse, and not getting the result you expect, move a little bit closer to the cabinet.

Scheduling an IQ-Wall Event

Reservations are not required, but can be made.
Visit the Library Service Desk on the main (second) floor or call (812) 941-2485.

Get IT Help with the IQ-Wall

If you need technical help, please contact Campus IT (UITS).

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