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Action Taker IconACTION-TAKER

Hands-on doers. They use manual and physical skills, working with technology or machinery to complete tasks. Often there is an athletic aspect to their work. They are handy, practical, systematic, applied, and "down-to-earth." They are drawn to jobs that involve a specific skill-set and a concrete task. They excel at solitary, goal-oriented work and "getting the job done."

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Analyzer LogoANALYZER

Inquisitive. They delve, study and look deeply for information. They have a keen eye and experimental nature. Analyzers use these capacities to figure out problems and search for the facts, often in a laboratory environment. They excel at going beyond the surface toward uncovering information and discovery.

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Inventor LogoINVENTOR

Creative. They take a contemporary, "out-of-the-box" approach to work and life. Inventors use themselves and other medium, often various forms of the arts, to communicate and interact with the world. Inventors excel when they are "lost" in their work, completely engrossed in a project.

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Mentor LogoMENTOR

People-oriented. They have great communication skills and are most fulfilled when assisting or working directly with others to improve a personal or societal situation. Mentors are patient and compassionate and work best in a group or on a team with a common goal. Mentors excel at working with others to help them learn and grow.

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Naturalist LogoNATURALIST

Attached to the natural world, frequently working with plants and animals in their environment. Often nature lovers, they like to experience the world outdoors. They are committed to preserving and protecting the planet and its natural resources. Serene, earthy, efficient, and solid, they excel at working as one with the natural environment.

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Naturalist LogoPLANNER

The detail people. They are methodical, precise, and detail-oriented. Planners create systems to follow, and enjoy working with data, detail, words and numbers. Great a manipulating data, they love procedure and routine. Often found in office settings, they excel at contemplating detailed work in an organized manner.

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Visionary LogoVISIONARY

Pioneers. They are great convincers and like to work with others in a "take charge" capacity. They love to take risks, make changes and set trends. They tend to be ambitious and energetic. Visionaries are often in positions of prominence in business and the public eye and excel at taking charge and gaining the confidence of others.

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Canoeing/Kayaking at Cave County Canoes

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