When choosing a major, there are many things to consider and it is normal to have questions. This section will show you how to start the process of selecting a major. Make sure to check in with your ACES academic advisors during the exploration process to discuss options you are considering and to ensure that you are choosing courses that will allow you to learn more about your interests.

Steps to Choosing a Major

Step 1 - Assess Yourself

What do you enjoy doing?
Think about the classes (elective and required) and extracurricular activities you have done in the past. What did you excel at and like the most? What did they involve? Why did you like them so much?

What are you good at doing?
Determine your skills and abilities. What things come easy to you? Are they technical, intellectual, or creative?

What is important?
Look at your values. Is it more important to have a career you love rather than prestige? Is it more important for you to be creative rather than have job security?

How do you work?
Do you like to work on your own or in a group? Do you prefer to make decisions based on logic or by what "feels" right? Your personality and interests can shape what type of work and majors that you prefer.

Step 2 - Gather Information about Majors

Gather information
Look at available majors using the Bulletin or Academics page. Look through some course descriptions and take note of options that look interesting.

School pages
Check out the individual pages for each major as well as degree maps to research requirements.

Attend events
Check out major-related events, such as Majors in Minutes, the Majors Fair, and IU Southeast Admissions Open House.

Meet with representatives from departments of interests such as deans, program coordinators, academic advisors, faculty, upperclassmen, and alumni to discuss majors and career paths.

Step 3 - Explore Your Options

Sample majors
Register in introductory courses in your area of interest during your first semesters at IU Southeast. These will let you explore, while also usually filling general education requirements.

Immerse yourself
Find relevant events using the Campus Calendar to learn more. These can be things like campus lectures, major fairs, open house events, and Career Development presentations.

Step 4 - Evaluate and Decide

Think about all the information you have gathered through your assessments and research. What does the information look like when you consider the big picture?

Weigh pros and cons
Look at the positives and negatives. Try to narrow down options to two or three top majors.

Still can’t decide?
Consider adding a minor, certificate, or double major in one of your areas of interest.

We are here to help!

Schedule an appointment with ACES or Career Development if you are still struggling to make a decision. We have a variety of resources such as assessments and inventories that can help you learn more about your personality, interests, values, and skills.

Learn more about majors and careers and the process of self discovery:

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