M.S. in Secondary Education with a Concentration in Music

Are you a licensed music teacher with a bachelor’s degree looking to enhance your qualifications?

Our M.S. Ed. program offers a concentration in music that provides 30 hours of graduate-level coursework for in-depth knowledge of music educational content, as well as an understanding of theories relating to pedagogy and learning. A significant portion of graduate coursework may be taken as applied study, ie. instrumental or vocal lessons.

The concentration in music meets required accreditation outcomes, prepares candidates with required research skills, guarantees that curriculum needs are met, and adds the recognition of a concentration in music to the M.S. Ed. degree.

Required Courses

Core Courses (12 Credit Hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-H 520 Education and Social Issues 3
EDUC-P 507 Assessment in Schools 3
EDUC-S 590 Research in Secondary Education 3
and either
MUS-E 527 Advanced Instrumental Methods 3
MUS-E 528 Advanced Choral Methods 3
Music Content Area Courses (18 Credit Hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
MUS-E 527 Advanced Instrumental Methods 3
MUS-E 528 Advanced Choral Methods 3
MUS-E 529 Special Topics in Music Ed 2-3
MUS-E 545 Guided Professional Experiences*** 1-3
MUS-E 567 Techniques of String Class Teaching 3
MUS-E 569 Seminar in Class Piano Teaching 1
MUS-G 566 Interpreting and Conducting Band Literature 3
MUS-K 503 Projects in Electronic Music 3
MUS-K 710 Composition Graduate Elective 2-4
MUS-M 502 Composers 3
MUS-M 530 Contemporary Music 3
MUS-M 543 Keyboard Literature 1700-1850 3
MUS-M 566 Ethnic Music Survey 3
MUS-M 656 Music since 1900 3
MUS-T 512 Theory Review for Graduate Students 3

* If not taken as education core course.
** If not taken as education core course.
***Graduate-level ensemble participation: choir, concert band, brass band, orchestra.

Applied Study Options

A maximum of 8 of the 18 credit hours of graduate music coursework may be taken as applied study. Applied study courses are typically offered for 2 credit hours per semester. They may be repeated for multiple semesters.

Applied Study Courses
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
MUS-B 710 Horn Graduate Elective 2
MUS-B 720 Trumpet Graduate Elective 2
MUS-B 730 Trombone Graduate Elective 2
MUS-B 740 Euphonium Graduate Elective 2
MUS-B 750 Tuba Graduate Elective 2
MUS-L 700 Guitar Graduate Elective 2
MUS-P 701 Graduate Secondary Piano 2
MUS-Q 700 Organ Graduate Elective 2
MUS-S 710 Violin Graduate Elective 2
MUS-S 720 Viola Graduate Elective 2
MUS-S 730 Cello Graduate Elective 2
MUS-S 740 Bass Graduate Elective 2
MUS-V 700 Voice Graduate Elective 2
MUS-W 710 Flute/Piccolo Graduate Elective 2
MUS-W 720 Oboe/English Horn Graduate Elective 2
MUS-W 730 Clarinet Graduate Elective 2
MUS-W 740 Bassoon Graduate Elective 2
MUS-W 750 Saxophone Graduate Elective 2


Photo of Dr. Donna Albrecht

Dr. Donna Albrecht

Director of Graduate Studies School of Education
Director of New Neighbors Center
Professor, and Coordinator of Gifted, Talented and High Ability Program

Hillside Hall 20B
Phone: (812) 941-2594

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Photo of Molly Baugh Ph.D.

Molly Baugh Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Music Education and Instrumental Music

Paul W. Ogle Center 055
Phone: (812) 941-2056

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Photo of Joanna Goldstein Ph.D.

Joanna Goldstein Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

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