Are you a high school teacher looking to boost your qualifications to teach dual credit courses in history?

Our M.S. Ed. program offers a concentration in history that provides coursework for high school teachers seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of this field in order to satisfy Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requirements for instructors of dual credit courses. The program requires 30-credit hours of graduate level work.

The coursework focuses on teaching the advanced methods and skills of historians through classes on the modern world with special courses in U.S., European, Latin American and Chinese history.

It meets the required accreditation outcomes, prepares candidates with required research skills, guarantees that curriculum needs are met and adds the recognition of a concentration in history to the M.S.Ed. degree.

Required Courses

Required Courses
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-H 520 Education and Social Issues 3
EDUC-P 507 Assessment in Schools 3
EDUC-S 519 Adv. Study Teaching Sec. School Social Studies 3
EDUC-S 590 Research in Education 3

For a degree checksheet associated with the History concentration, please contact the School of Education at

Required History Course
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
HIST-H 501 Historical Methodology 3

Consult with your History program advisor to select 15 credit hours of elective courses.

History Course Options
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
HIST-A 507 American Cultural History 3
HIST-H 509 Special Topics in European History 3
HIST-H 511 Special Topics in U.S. History 3
HIST-H 520 Shaping Careers in History 1
HIST-H 521 Special Topics in History 3
HIST-H 523 The Holocaust 3
HIST-H 524 Issues in Contemporary Historiography 3
HIST-H 543 Practicum in Public History 3
HIST-H 546 History of Science, Medicine, and Technology 3
HIST-H 547 Special Topics in Public History 3
HIST-H 575 Graduate Readings in History 3
HIST-H 620 Colloquium in Modern Western European History 3
HIST-H 650 Colloquium on United States History 3
HIST-H 665 Colloquium in Latin American History 3
HIST-H 669 Colloquium in Comparative History 3
HIST-H 720 Seminar in Modern Western European History 3
HIST-H 765 Seminar in Latin American History 3
HIST-H 775 Colloquium in East Asian History 3
HIST-H 750 Seminar in U.S. History 3
HIST-H 775 Seminar in East Asian History 3
HIST-H 799 Seminar in World History 3
HIST-G 569 Modern Japan 3
HIST-G 585 Modern China 3
HIST-G 587 Contemporary China 3
HIST-T 500 Topics in History 3


For advising information contact Dr. Lisa Hoffman or Yu Shen.


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Yu Shen Ph.D.

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