The M.S.Ed. with a major in counseling program is divided into pre-requisite/pre-core courses and clinical cohort, which includes practicum and internship experiences. Successful completion of the pre-requisite/pre-core courses will qualify students to seek admission to the clinical cohort.

All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise stated.

Pre-requisite and pre-core courses
15 credit hours

  • EDUC-K 205 - Introduction to Special Education (Undergraduate Level) OR,
  • EDUC-K 505 - Introduction to Special Education for Graduate Students*
  • EDUC-K 553 - Classroom Management (Undergraduate Level) OR,
  • EDUC-P 570 - Classroom Management (Graduate Level)
  • EDUC-G 500 - Orientation to Counseling
  • EDUC-H 520 - Education and Social Issues
  • EDUC-P 515 - Advanced Child Development

Clinical cohort courses
36 credit hours

  • EDUC-G 504 - Counseling Theory and Techniques II
  • EDUC-G 505 - Individual Appraisal
  • EDUC-G 507 - Lifestyle and Career Development
  • EDUC-G 523 - Laboratory in Counseling and Guidance
  • EDUC-G 524 - Practicum in Counseling
  • ECUC-G 532 - Group Counseling
  • EDUC-G 542 - Organization and Development of Programs
  • EDUC-G 550 - Internship in Counseling
  • EDUC-G 562 - School Counseling
  • EDUC-G 575 - Multicultural Counseling
  • EDUC-G 585 - Contemporary Issues in Counseling
  • EDUC-X XXX - Elective in Counseling


  • Completion of the Pre-requisite and Pre-Core courses does not guarantee acceptance into the Clinical Cohort.
  • Applications are reviewed by the committee and sixteen candidates will be accepted into the Clinical Cohort each year. If a candidate is not admitted to the Clinical Cohort, they may re-apply the following year.
  • If admitted to the Clinical Cohort, candidates will be notified as soon as possible and will begin taking classes that summer.
  • If admitted to the Clinical Cohort, candidates will take 2 courses each fall semester, 2 courses each spring semester and 2 courses each summer.
  • To meet and complete all Clinical Cohort Program requirements, Candidates cannot earn below a B in any Clinical Cohort courses. If a Candidate earns a grade below a B, their active status is the program will be terminated. It is possible Candidates may be given the opportunity to complete remedial coursework and/or field experience work as determined by the School Counseling Program. If the Candidate can demonstrate the necessary proficiencies through the remedial plan, the Candidate might be given the opportunity to apply for re-admission to the Clinical Cohort. Readmission is not guaranteed

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