Student Teaching Application

Special Education and Secondary Student Teaching Application

  • Special Education Student Teaching Application
  • Secondary Education Student Teaching Application

For questions or further information, contact:

School of Education Advising Office
Office: Hillside Hall 108
Phone: (812) 941-2386

Application Instructions

  1. All students intending to engage in student teaching should file an application in the Advising Suite Office, Hillside Hall 108.
  2. Prospective student teachers must meet all eligibility requirements as recommended by the Elementary or Secondary Team.
  3. Students should not file an application unless they intend to student teach. If plans change after the application has been submitted, please notify the Coordinator of Field Experiences in writing immediately. If you change your requested semester after the assignment has been made, at the discretion of the Elementary or Secondary Field Placement Team, you may be restricted from student teaching for one full year!
  4. The application must be submitted in duplicate, and NO handwritten applications will be accepted. A copy is acceptable for the duplicate. School administrators and supervising teachers are concerned with neatness and accuracy in composition skills. Please pay attention to these matters while completing the application.
  5. After all the forms are completed, bring them to the Advising Suite Office, HH108. Please check the due date each semester in the office (HH108). Do not mail the application or place in a faculty mailbox.
    • The materials submitted will be sent to the public schools as part of the placement process.
    • Assignments will be made by public school officials in consultation with the Coordinator of Field Experiences. No one makes their own contacts for Student Teaching Assignments.
    • If accepted by that school system, the credentials will be given to the selected supervising teacher.
  6. You will be notified when assignments are complete.

Please keep the Advising Suite Office informed of any name and/or address changes.

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