Improvement of Teaching Guidelines

I. Program Objectives and Ground Rules

The purpose of these grants is to improve the quality of instruction at IU Southeast. Consequently, a broad range of projects qualify for consideration under this program. For example, expenditures could be for consultation on course and curriculum revision or organization, original design and production of materials for a specific unit or course, seed money for development of projects on a larger scale. These funds are available to individual full-time faculty members and teams consisting of full-time or full-time and part-time faculty members. Grants will generally not exceed $1,000. Normally, the funds should be expended within a year of the date of the award. Reimbursement for past travel will be considered only if it occurred within the same academic year.

Deadlines: Oct. 15, Nov. 15, Feb. 15, March 15

II. Criteria

Among the applicable criteria are:

  • Ability to achieve stated objectives.
  • Potential to improve learning proficiency.
  • Number of students involved or affected.
  • Experimental or innovative quality.
  • Propensity to include diverse voices in the curriculum.
  • Potential for economies of resources.
  • Feasibility of replication.
  • Presence of a mechanism for instructor evaluation.
  • Compliance with reporting policies on previous IOLC grants.

III. Proposal Format

In order to facilitate review, proposals should include the following information presented in the order shown below.

  • Internal Grant Application Cover Sheet
  • Brief summary of Project (1 to 3 sentences).
  • Description of Project-What is the scope of the project and its time frame? Who are the intended beneficiaries? Include such things as target audience, prerequisites, and subject level.
  • Goals and Objectives-What is the educational goal of the project? What specific objectives will be achieved? How does the project relate to or reinforce the overall program objectives or curricular goals of this university, your academic unit or department?
  • Justification of Project-Why should resources be made available to fund this particular project? What kinds of relevant resources are currently available within the university or the Metroversity system?
  • Evaluation Mechanism-Describe by what means you plan to evaluate the impact of your project.
  • Continuation/Incorporation-Indicate what you will do to build upon the project after the grant period.
  • Budget-Itemize your expected expenditures and explain each item.

IV. List All Sources

from which funds for this project have/are/will be sought. Specify amounts obtained from each source.

V. List All Proposals

for teaching-related activities submitted or funded in the past three years. Specify amounts sought/awarded. Attach progress reports and follow-up materials.

VI. Two Letters of Support

attesting to the relevance of this proposal. One by a colleague, preferably in your own discipline, and one by your school or division dean are strongly recommended. They may be attached or sent to the Office of Academic Affairs under separate cover.

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