IU Southeast encourages students to conduct research and creativity. Transformative research is a central tenet of our campus strategic plan. The campus provides several avenues of support for student research and creative work. These avenues include mentorship and financial support for students to conduct research, sponsorship of events and travel for students to present research, and sponsorship of publications for students to disseminate their research.

Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for student assistant grants, awarded each semester and during the summer for students to assist faculty with their research projects. Faculty/student working groups provide an additional summer opportunity for small groups of student assistants to work on faculty research projects. For students interested in pursuing their own independent research projects, student research fellowships provide financial support for either undergraduate or graduate students to conduct their own research with faculty supervision.

IU Southeast celebrates scholarly achievement in our annual Student Conference and Showcase. This conference typically features around 300 student presenters from majors and programs across campus. Each year, the campus also supports students presenting at the IU Undergraduate Research Conference alongside students from across IU campuses. In addition, the campus also provides travel funding for students to present research at larger state, regional, and national professional and academic conferences.

IU Southeast also publishes campus-wide student research journals, the Undergraduate Research Journal and Graduate Research Journal. These IUS journals are indexed in IU ScholarWorks so that they are searchable online and available to readers internationally.

Summary of Student Research & Creative Work Programs and Deadlines

Program Deadline
Student Travel Awards Accepted any time
Student Research/Creativity Fellowships September 15, January 15, March 15
Student Assistants Grants October 15, November 15, February 15, March 15
Faculty/Student Working Groups Summer Fellowships February 15
Small Grants to Students Accepted any time
IU Undergraduate Research Conference Abstract submission deadline: late October Event date: early December
IU Southeast Student Conference & Showcase Abstract submission deadline: mid-March Event date: late April

Student Travel Awards

The campus provides partial travel funding for students who have the opportunity to participate in a professional meeting or academic conference. Funds are limited and awarded competitively by the Office of the Dean of Research. The Student Funding Review Request should be completed by the faculty sponsor. The funding request will also route to the Student Affairs Office for possible additional funding.

Student Assistant Grants

These grants provide support to students assisting faculty research/creative projects. Faculty mentors complete the application, which is reviewed by the Research & Grants Committee. Grant applications follow general faculty internal grant guidelines.

Student Research/Creativity Fellowships

Fellowships are awarded to allow students to carry out major independent projects under the supervision of a faculty member. Students may also apply for $500 in research supplies and equipment. Applications should be completed by the student applicant and submitted to the Dean for Research via email. Proposals will be reviewed by the Research & Grants committee.

All IU Southeast students are eligible to apply, regardless of discipline, credit hours completed, or part-or full-time status. Selection will be made on the basis of quality of proposal and letter of support from a faculty mentor who has agreed to supervise the project if funded.

Full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty and full-time lecturers may serve as mentors. In special circumstances, a part-time or visiting faculty may serve as a mentor, but the student must have a second mentor from among the full-time resident faculty. Faculty mentors of the fellows selected will receive stipends of $500. In the case of two mentors, the stipend will be shared.

Application Procedure: Applicants should submit a complete research proposal of no more than six (6) double-spaced, typed pages. Applications should be written for an audience outside the student's discipline. The proposal should include a title and the following elements clearly labeled:

  1. Statement regarding the significance of the project. Explain why the project is important and what difference the results will make.
  2. Statement of hypothesis, research question or creative objective in a form appropriate to the discipline in question.
  3. Detailed statement of methods and plan of work, including a timetable. Provide appropriate research risk documentation if relevant.
  4. Statement of the applicant’s qualifications and training to carry out the project.
  5. Name of faculty mentor.

Letter of Support: Faculty mentors should address a confidential letter to the Dean for Research evaluating the project and the applicant’s ability to carry it out in a timely manner and indicating what role the mentor will play.

Budget: A detailed budget is not required for the basic student stipend (usually around $1,000.) Student research fellows may apply for up to $500 for direct costs associated with their projects. A detailed budget is required for the extra project fund request.

Enrollment and Credit: Applicants must be enrolled for the current semester. In consultation with faculty mentors and academic advisors, fellows may elect to enroll for and receive 1-3 credits for their projects.

Faculty/Student Working Group Fellowships

The purpose of the fellowship is to provide support for faculty working with small groups of students on individual or joint research projects or creative work. Student research fellows receive a research fellowship, usually around $1,000. View Guidelines for Faculty/Student Working Groups. These applications are reviewed by the Research & Grants Committee.

Small Grants to Students

Limited funds are available for independent research and creative work conducted by a student with faculty supervision. Applications are reviewed by the Dean for Research. Application format consists of a memo submitted to the Dean for Research detailing the project and the budgetary needs.

Student Conference and Showcase

The annual IU Southeast Student Conference and Showcase celebrates and promotes the excellent research and creative work conducted by IU Southeast students. The conference is held each year in the third week of April. Students apply to participate by submitting an abstract or project description. All IU Southeast students are eligible to participate.

Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference

Each year in early December, the Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference brings together student researchers from across IU's campuses. All IU students are invited to present their research through a poster or talk. When the conference is hosted by another campus, IU Southeast Office of Academic Affairs sponsors transportation for IU Southeast students to attend and present at the IU Undergraduate Research Conference.

Research Publications

IU Southeast hosts two research publications to showcase peer-reviewed student work. Consider publishing your research and scholarly activity in the Undergraduate Research Journal or Graduate Research Journal. Both journals are indexed in IU Southeast ScholarWorks. They are searchable online and available to readers internationally.

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