Family Guide for Student Success


Early college success starts with important conversations students have with parents and family even before they set foot on campus. Use the fall semester conversation guide to support your student as they begin their academic and personal journey here at IU Southeast.

Applying to IU Southeast

Parents can help their students along their path to choosing IU Southeast by urging them to apply early. At IU Southeast, students can earn a prestigious IU degree at an affordable price in a small-town atmosphere.

Help your student learn more about IU Southeast as they consider their futures. Taking a few extra steps can ensure that your student knows the facts when choosing a college.

Congratulations! Your student is on the road to success. Don’t forget to have them check these off their list before they arrive on campus.

What to talk about during the Fall semester

As students begin their Fall semester, it’s important to stay connected to them and ensure that they’re using the resources available to them. A good line of communication helps them to feel supported and ready to tackle their first steps on the road to a degree.

Now is the time to prepare for a successful semester. The final steps before the semester begins can make all the difference for your student as they start classes.

  • Finalize plans for class registration, financial aid, and housing; get answers to any remaining questions.
  • Send final transcripts in
  • Make a plan with your student for the first four weeks of class:
    • Use a campus map and your student’s schedule to determine where/when classes will be held
    • When/where studying will happen (Three hours for every hour in class)
    • Plan out possible work availability (outside class times, leaving time to study)
    • Encourage your student to walk through their schedule and to review any online material already available
    • Encourage your student to set some goals for the semester
    • Purchase/rent books, materials, and supplies
    • Consider getting some IU Southeast gear through the campus bookstore; be Grenadier Strong!

Now is the time for your student to settle in and get involved. Life at IU Southeast offers educational and social opportunities that support a strong start to the college experience.

Encourage your student to:

  • Go to class! Attendance is essential to learning.
  • Attend Induction Day for important information and an official welcome to campus.
  • Get involved in Welcome Week activities.
  • Find the Writing Center, Math Resource Lab, and Student Success Center
  • Check out Canvas and One.IU.
  • Check out the Academic Calendar and mark off campus events, holidays and breaks.
  • Be aware of Drop Dates.
  • Follow IU Southeast on social media platforms to stay informed of campus activities and news.

Talk to your student about:

  • How are classes going? Is your course load about right or too heavy?
  • What steps are you taking to manage your time?
  • What are some goals you have this semester?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you feeling involved in campus?
  • What kind of support would help you be successful?

This is a great time to touch base with your student and see how things are going. You can spread these questions over several casual and positive conversations and add others that fit your student’s needs.

  • What are the best things about being a Grenadier?
  • How are you balancing school/work/life?
  • Have you met with your instructors yet?
  • What resources are you accessing at the Student Success Center?
  • What campus resources have you taken advantage of? Remind your student that everyone needs help sometimes.
  • Do you have a study routine? Do you have a plan for getting ready for exams, papers, and midterms? How can I help?
  • What are some opportunities you have to get involved on campus?

Now is a good time to get an update on your student’s overall experience with classes, the campus, and work/social considerations.

Get an update from your student:

  • What excites you about your classes?
  • How is the balance between classes/studying and work/outside responsibilities going?
  • Have you set an appointment with an advisor to enroll in next semester’s classes?
  • Are you getting involved on campus?
  • What family support do you need?

Mid-semester can be stressful for students who are facing new academic and social challenges. Encourage them to reach out and use the resources available to them.

  • Discuss your student’s midterm experience and encourage them to keep in contact with their instructors and the learning labs on campus.
  • Watch for signs of stress and anxiety. Remind students about the wellness resources available on campus and ensure that they make to appointments that can help them thrive.
  • Address any To-Do’s on Canvas, especially those tied to financial aid. Be sure to address these before the semester ends.
  • Be sure your student has met with an advisor and enrolled in spring classes.

Helping your student plan for the end of the semester is a great way to ensure that they finish on a high note and are ready to go into the Spring semester on a solid foundation.

  • Ensure that your student has met with an advisor BEFORE the last day of Fall classes.
  • Encourage your student to create a study plan/calendar, and to take advantage of study groups, instructors’ office hours, tutoring, and other resources as Finals Week approaches.
  • Wrap-up any To-Do’s on Canvas.
  • Reassure your student that one rough semester doesn’t mean they won’t be successful in college. It takes time to adjust to the university learning environment.
  • Encourage your student to rest and recuperate during Thanksgiving break if possible.
  • Be sure your student marks the course withdrawal deadline, along with the last day of classes on a calendar.
  • Encourage your student to mark off and map out the times and locations of their final exams.

Sit down with your student for a casual chat about how the semester went.

  • What went well? Why did those things go well?
  • What were some areas of struggle?
  • How could those have gone better?
  • What aspects were out of your student’s control?
  • Help your student review their goals for the semester and create new ones for next semester.
  • Congratulate them on completing the first big step on their college journey!

Parent and family visits to campus

We have a number of family-centered events on campus and would welcome you to attend with your student, including Orientation, Induction Day, and other events that can be found on the campus events calendar. Show your support for your student and enjoy our beautiful campus.

Questions? Contact us

If you have questions, reach out to the Office of Admissions by calling (812) 941-2212 or emailing us at