Parking and Other Auxiliary Services

Disabled parking permit policy

Those students, faculty, and staff wishing to park in a disabled parking space are required to get an Indiana University Southeast disabled parking permit which is approved by the Coordinator of Accessible Educational Services and acquired from the Police Department. The policy, which became effective March 17, 1997, requires that all students, faculty and staff present a state issued placard (hung from the rearview mirror) or disabled license plate to the Office of Accessible Educational Services in order to receive a disabled parking permit on campus. A statement or letter from a doctor by itself will not be considered proper documentation unless it is only a temporary (one year or less) disability.

A state-issued placard or license plate can be acquired at the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles. A form will need to be completed that requires a signature by your doctor. A student, faculty, or staff member will need to be re-approved by the Coordinator of Accessible Educational Services after their license plate or placard has been expired. New documentation showing proof of renewal of the license plate or placard will be required at that time.

How do I get a permit to park in accessible parking?

There are green permits for students who are eligible to park in accessible parking. Students must present evidence that they have either a placard or a license plate issued to them by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to the Coordinator. The Coordinator will then issue you a card that says you are eligible to park in accessible parking on campus. Take this card to the University Police Office to get your permit. View the IU Southeast campus map to find wheelchair-accessible parking spaces on campus.

I have difficulty walking or using my wheelchair from building to building. Can you help me?

There are a couple of things we might be able to do to help you. First, some students may be eligible for early registration. This allows you to plan your schedule optimally and get the classes in the buildings and times that are easiest for you. Second, in some cases it may be possible to change the classroom. However, some classes cannot be changed because of necessary equipment, i.e., computer labs, chemistry labs, etc. These requests will be taken on a case by case basis.

What if I just need accessible parking on a temporary basis?

In this case, a letter from a doctor will be sufficient to get a temporary accessible parking permit. This letter should be taken to the University Police Office. If a permit is needed for more than one semester, you will need to get a placard or license place from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Is there anywhere I can store my wheelchair or scooter on campus?

There is space available in Knobview Hall where you can leave your wheelchair or scooter. There are also outlets available to charge your battery.