Accessible Educational Services

Academic accommodations and other services are provided on an individual basis determined by documented need. Documentation of the disability must be on file in our office completed by a physician or qualified health care professional.

Services we provide

  • Pre-admission visits and registration assistance
  • Letters to faculty, when requested, discussing classroom and testing accommodations
  • Working with the Student Development Center to arrange test accommodations such as extended time, readers, scribes, or oral exams
  • Note-takers, tutoring, and interpreters
  • Assistance in getting recorded textbooks
  • Counseling to assist students in developing effective learning strategies and self-advocacy skills
  • Accessibility information and disabled parking permits
  • Liaison with Vocational Rehabilitation and other agencies
  • Referral to other campus and community resources
  • Other accommodations if documented

Office of Accessible Educational Services
Academic Success Center
University Center South
Room 207

Phone: (812) 941-2243

Contact us with any questions.