Indiana College Core Certificate

Save on tuition with the Indiana College Core

Save up to $7,900 on your first-year tuition fees by transferring your Indiana College Core (ICC) to IU Southeast. The IU Indiana College Core is a block of 30 general education college-level credits taken while in high school that transfer to any public higher education institution in the state. Bringing the ICC to IU Southeast means you have completed all of your general education requirements before you’ve started your college career. This means you can start working on your major right away!

Indiana University is known for its top-ranked academics and faculty. We are a research one institution and thrive for excellence. When you enroll for college credit with IU’s Advanced College Project, you are considered an IU student and have an official Indiana University transcript. In these courses, you will use the same high-quality materials and will receive the same instruction as students on the IU Southeast campus. IU Southeast accepts the Indiana College Core from all providers.

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Transfer your Indiana College Core credits

Have questions or want to know more about transferring your ICC credits to IU Southeast? Send an email to Kristin Lookatch at or call the Admissions Office at (812) 941-2212.

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ICC requirements and benefits

Certificate Requirements

The ICC requires high school students to complete 30 credit hours in the following competencies:

  • Written Communication: 3-6 credits
  • Speaking & Listening: 3-6 credits
  • Quantitative Reasoning: 3-12 credits
  • Scientific Ways of Knowing: 3-12 credits
  • Social & Behavioral Ways of Knowing: 3-12 credits
  • Humanistic & Artistic Ways of Knowing: 3-12 credits

Benefits of ICC

  • Guaranteed admission to IU Southeast for Advanced College Project Students
  • The ICC provides ease of transferability in core credits between institutions
  • Earn college credit while still in high school, kickstarting your college career
  • Receive a post-secondary credential upon completion of the ICC
  • Begin taking classes directly related to your major when you enter IUS as a sophomore

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