Nursing laboratory

The Judge Carlton and Sue Sanders Laboratory for Nursing Education is the introductory simulation space primarily used for sophomore nursing students in the Health Assessment and Science and Technology courses. This space includes 12 beds with low- to medium-fidelity mannequins and other equipment and technology—such as intravenous pumps, tube feeding pumps, and bedside computers—that could be present in a patient’s hospital room. This main lab also has a simulated pharmacy space and task trainers that are used for specific clinical skills practice. A SimServe RX electronic medication cart is also available for student use during simulated medication administration.

Simulation rooms

In addition to the main laboratory space, we have four specialty simulation rooms that allow for simulation experiences across a patient's lifespan: pediatrics, obstetrics, critical care, and medical-surgical nursing. The specialty simulations utilize mannequins with medium to high levels of realism. For specialty patient simulation scenarios, students work collaboratively to put clinical judgment into practice by recognizing and analyzing cues, prioritizing hypotheses, generating solutions, taking action, and evaluating outcomes. Simulations are videotaped, with a debriefing held immediately after the simulation session; self-reflection for the student completing a simulation experience is integral to learning.

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Four IU Southeast nursing students treating simulated adult patients in a lab

Pediatric simulation lab

The pediatric simulation lab is utilized primarily by nursing students during the spring semester of their junior year to gain experience caring for patients from infancy through preschool. Lab simulations help students develop prioritization, critical thinking, clinical judgment, family care, teaching, communication, growth and development, and technical nursing skills.

Nursing students and instructor simulating a patient giving birth

Obstetric simulation lab

Junior nursing students engage in assisting a mother through the stages of labor while working to manage any complications that arise. Students assist with the delivery and assessment of the newborn and move forward with caring for the mother and newborn immediately after birth.

Two IU Southeast nursing students treating an infant patient in a pediatric simulation lab

Critical care simulation lab

The critical care nursing simulation lab is utilized by nursing students during the fall semester of their senior year as part of the requirements for the Restorative Health related to Multi-System Failures (NURS-S 471) course. This lab allows the student to provide care for more complex patients with multiple health problems in an intensive care environment.

IU Southeast nursing professor recording two students treating a patient in a lab

Medical-Surgical nursing simulation lab

Nursing students participate in medical-surgical nursing simulation during the fall semester of the junior year during the Alterations in Health I (NURS-H 354) course. This simulation focuses on the care of multiple patients, which mirrors a typical medical-surgical nursing care model. This simulation was developed to assist nursing students with critical thinking and clinical judgment development as the foundation for success on the RN Next Generation NCLEX exam that is taken after graduation.