Be a Champion

Referring a friend to our graduate business program is not just an act of goodwill; it's a strategic decision with mutually beneficial outcomes. By recommending someone you know and trust, you're contributing to the enrichment of our program's community. Your referral adds diversity of thought, background, and experience, enhancing the learning environment for everyone involved.

Referring a friend reflects your confidence in our program's quality and value. Your endorsement speaks volumes about your satisfaction and belief in the education and opportunities offered here. Bringing in someone you know strengthens your own support network within the program. Sharing this experience with a friend can lead to deeper connections, collaboration on projects, and lifelong friendships.

Referring a friend or colleague is a chance to pay it forward. Just as someone may have guided you to this program, your recommendation could be the catalyst for someone else's personal and professional growth. In essence, referring a friend is not just about bringing in new students; it's about enriching our community, strengthening relationships, and creating opportunities for success—for both you and your friend.

We appreciate your support of IU Southeast’s Graduate Business programs and are asking you to spread the word about your positive experiences. Our MBAMSSF and MSM programs provide a solid springboard for career change or advancing into higher levels of management within an organization. Thank you for being a champion for IU Southeast!

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