Living and working in Kentuckiana

A community you can call home

At Indiana University and IU Southeast, our goal is to be a model for the support of diversity on campus and in our community. We believe that access to higher education, preparation to enter the workforce and the ability to function in a diverse and globalized society is critical to student success and the vitality of our community. To achieve these goals for students, we strive to represent our students and the community we serve in the faces and experiences of our faculty and staff.

What is Kentuckiana?

IU Southeast exists in a dichotomy of a metropolitan region and a picturesque small town, providing safety and security while offering the world at your fingertips. A mere 10-minute drive away, Louisville provides a rich arts and entertainment district, a collection of museums and bourbon distilleries and of course, the greatest two minutes of sports, the Kentucky Derby. But Louisville offers more; a diverse city of immigrants and refugees where more than 130 languages are spoken in the Jefferson County Public School system, where cultures mingle into a symphony of speech and activity.

Why IU Southeast? What our faculty have to say

Dr. Sumreen Asim

Assistant Professor of STEM education
School of Education, 2016
Long Island, New York

From her first visit in 2016 through her journey as an assistant professor, Dr. Sumreen Asim has valued the connections to people and how she fits within the IU Southeast community. "I always believe that a person should consider a place of work with people that will uplift you," said Asim. "There were several factors that made me decide to come to IU Southeast. It began with the way I was treated during my campus visit." Asim noted the careful attention to scheduling, her dietary restrictions and initial connections with other Muslim faculty that made a difference in her choosing IU Southeast over other universities.

Once she began teaching at IU Southeast, Asim soon found herself surrounded by supportive mentors and colleagues, both within the School of Education and those across campus in other areas. These mentors introduced her to resources and people on campus and within the local community, assisted her in obtaining grants and identifying opportunities to expand her programs and helped her acclimate her family to the region and learn of the many amenities of Louisville and Southern Indiana.

"I know this a small regional campus, but it has its benefits," said Asim. "I can walk across campus easily and connect with so many people in various departments. I have been able to connect with people and I have been able to accomplish so much in such a short time because of a shared sense of vision because of the acceptance of others. I feel valued and have voice, which is really important to me as a native New Yorker."

Dr. Sau Hou Chang

Professor in Educational Psychology
School of Education, 2007
Faculty Diversity Coordinator of IU Southeast
Macau SAR, China

For Dr. Sau Hou Chang, the benefits of living in the Louisville metropolitan region, but working on a small regional campus, provide a great place to call home. "We are in the Louisville metropolitan area with a lot of stores, attractions, and events," said Chang. "We are also in Southern Indiana with beautiful landscapes and suburban area. It's a mix of everything here."

Chang also credits the reasonable standard of living, affordable housing and convenient air and land transportation as selling points of living and working at IU Southeast. "There are top healthcare facilities nearby and many local events and attractions for things to do."

Chang also appreciates the small regional campus where she has gotten to know many people.

Dr. Victor F. Waingeh

Associate Professor in Chemistry
School of Natural Sciences, 2008
Kom Fondom, Cameroon, Central Africa

IU Southeast's scholarly and research work with undergraduate students was the drawing card for Dr. Victor Waingeh. "The opportunity to work with students in small classrooms while benefiting from resources available from being part of a big, highly respected university system is unmatched," said Waingeh. "The support for undergraduate scholarly work was even more expansive than I imagined."

Waingeh added that IU Southeast has access to resources and support for teaching that would normally not be available at similar campuses.

In addition, Waingeh appreciates the beautiful campus, easy access to metropolitan areas such as Indianapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati and Nashville, and the level of diversity in culture and cuisine that Louisville adds to the calm and friendly neighborhoods of Southern Indiana.

"For me, knowing and interacting with my students is easier and enhances the teaching and learning process; this is something IU Southeast provides students and faculty," said Waingeh. "If you are looking for a school where you can have direct impact on students, a campus that supports your teaching and research efforts, where colleagues are interested in and supportive of your success and growth, and a safe place to live and grow a family, then IU Southeast is your campus and Southern Indiana is your place."

Academic resources

The Institute for Learning & Teaching Excellence is a resource center for faculty assisting in developing effective strategies for selecting learning objectives, establishing course activities and assignments, and assessing student outcomes.

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