Race in the Classroom

As part of IU Southeast’s ongoing effort to expand the diversity of perspectives on campus, the following courses offered in 2020-21 will devote one-third of their content to an examination of issues of race.*

Communication Studies

  • CMCL-C202 Media in the Global Context

Criminal Justice and Criminology

  • CJUS-P100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • COAS-S104 First Year Seminar
  • CJUS-P303 Corrections
  • CJUS-P335 Race, Gender, and Inequality in Criminal Justice
  • CJUS-P444 Victimization
  • CJUS-P470 Senior Seminar
  • CJUS-P501 Proseminar: Criminal Justice I


  • EDUC-M 300 – Teaching in Pluralistic Society
  • EDUC-H 520 – Education and Social Issues


  • ENG-L230 Introduction to Science Fiction

Fine Arts

  • FINA-A451 The Art of the South Pacific
  • FINA-A402 The Art of Native North America
  • FINA-A362 Art of Japan
  • FINA-A343 American Art as “Race and Identity in American Art” (Spring 2021)


  • HIST-A381 Civil Rights Era in the United States
  • HIST-H104 Europe: Napoleon to the Present
  • HIST-H101 The World in the 20th Century

Political Science

  • POLS-T390 Theories of Power
  • POLS-Y404, Political Issues in Public Personnel Management


  • PSY-P 305: Psychology and Cultures


  • SOC-S163 Social Problems
  • SOC-S344 Sociology of Childhood
  • SOC-S419 Social Movements & Collective Action
  • SOC-R463 Inequality and Society

Social Sciences

  • SSCI-S103 Bystander Intervention


  • THTR-T271 Theatre History II


  • HON-H306 Questions of Social Justice

*A note will be added to students’ record to recognize completion of these courses.

Diversity Events

LAST CAB Meeting

LAST CAB Meeting

April 18th, 2024

All day event

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Communities Walk Free


April 18th, 2024

6:15 PM - 7:00 PM

LAST CAB Meeting

LAST CAB Meeting

April 19th, 2024

All day event

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