Community Engagement

Community involvement

You can work with faculty on engaged research and capacity expansion projects. Whether you care about the role of trees in improving water quality or community development in our region’s rural communities, you can find faculty using their skills to better understand our region and respond to its changing needs.

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Learning through service

Learning through services engages students in meeting campus and community needs while earning credit toward their degree. They take a course that includes a service project and actively reflect on their experiences and their connections to the course subject matter and their own growth.

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Collaborate today for a stronger tomorrow

Knowledge Exchange

Find opportunities to share your knowledge with our students or connect with the Speakers’ Bureau to bring one of our faculty members to your community, business, or organization.

Engage Our Students in Volunteer Service

Help us connect our students to volunteer opportunities across sectors and areas of interest.

Develop the Future Workforce

Connect with the Career Development Center to host internships and apprenticeships in your business or organization to contribute to building the experience and skills you want to see in the labor force.

Collaborate to Solve Problems and Meet Needs

Partner with a faculty member to build a service-learning course. Students will learn about your organization/business and will apply their developing knowledge and skills to help you draft a strategic plan, conduct a study, solve a problem, or complete a capacity-building project.

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