Towing Policy

Any vehicle in violation of parking regulations or any which are apparently abandoned may be towed and stored at the owner’s expense.

  • Accumulation of 6 or more paid or unpaid parking citations within a year will result in a tow warning. The tow warning gives the violator 48 hours to settle all charges or the vehicle will be towed even if the vehicle is not in violation of regulations. Accumulating 8 or more unpaid citations will result in tow without warning.
  • Habitual violators are defined by six unexcused parking violations within a year. Habitual violators may lose parking privileges on IU Southeast property.
  • Any vehicle in violation of towable offenses may be towed and stored at the owner’s expense by the wrecker service of the University’s choice. Tow fees will be paid directly to the towing company. If the truck is called to campus and the owner appears before the vehicle is towed, the owner/violator shall be responsible for a dry-run fee to the wrecker driver. The same release conditions apply to vehicles immobilized.

Safety-related vehicle issues

Any vehicle located on the campus which is causing a safety hazard, may be removed from campus. A safety hazard is identified as, but not limited to, leaking gas or oil, emitting toxic fumes or vehicles rolling out of a parking space. Fines and costs related to relocation and cleanup are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Abandoned vehicles

IU Southeast Parking lots are not to be used for long-term vehicle storage. Long-term storage is defined as a vehicle that has not moved locations for more than two weeks. Any affiliate of IU Southeast with a valid parking permit may obtain permission in advance from Parking Operations to leave a vehicle longer than two weeks. Resident students with valid permits are exempt from this policy while school is in session as long as they are legally parked.

If permission is not obtained, after two weeks a tow warning will be placed on the vehicle along with notification of current charges owed. The owner will then have 48 hours to remove the vehicle from the premises. Charges will be calculated at the daily visitor rate if the vehicle is left in a visitor area or does not display a permit.

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