Indiana Code (IC) 21-39-5-2 grants the University the authority to regulate vehicles. This section of the State Code states:

The board of trustees of a state educational institution may regulate the traffic of:

  1. Motor vehicles;
  2. Bicycles;
  3. Other vehicles; and
  4. Pedestrians;

on all streets, roads, paths, and grounds of real property owned, used, occupied, or controlled by the state educational institution.

Section Indiana Code (IC) 21-39-5-3 of the code speaks directly to the governing of parking at a state educational institution. The section of code states:

Sec. 3. Regulations adopted by the board of trustees of a state educational institution that are applicable to traffic and parking may include the following provisions:

  1. Provisions governing the registration, speed, operation, and parking and the times, places, and manner of use of motor vehicles, bicycles, and other vehicles.
  2. Provisions prescribing penalties for the violation of regulations. Penalties may include the following:
    1. Imposition of reasonable charges.
    2. Removing and impounding (at the expense of the violator) vehicles that are operated or parked in violation of regulations.
    3. Denial of permission to operate vehicles on the property of the state educational institution.
  3. Provisions establishing reasonable charges and fees for the registration of vehicles and for the use of parking spaces or facilities owned or occupied by the state educational institution.

At no time will the employees of Parking Operations be subject to verbal or physical abuse, including being threatened, cursed or assaulted in any fashion. Any such abuse will be reported to the appropriate University authorities for disciplinary action.

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