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How to be an IU Southeast student

The Admitted Student Series are optional sessions that admitted students can attend to help them through the enrollment process. Sessions will cover topics like creating your IU account, preparing for class registration, understanding your financial aid letter, and more.

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Feel free to attend to as many sessions as you want or need. Registration is encouraged but not required. All sessions will be in person.

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IUS Technology Session

Learn more about creating your IU account, accessing your email, setting up Duo Mobile, and navigating our online platforms like One.IU and Canvas.

FAFSA and Scholarships Session

Talk with our Student Central expert about completing your FAFSA and applying for scholarships!

Preparing for Class Registration

Meet with one of our Academic Advisor as they answer questions about the Canvas Welcome Course, iGPS, degree maps, and registration.

Understanding Your Financial Aid

Student Central is back again to help you understand your Financial Aid Letter and make sure you are ready for the Fall!

Getting Involved on Campus

Learn how to find student organizations, apply for campus jobs, and get involved in the IU Southeast community!

Admitted Student Picnic

Enjoy inflatables, food trucks, and yard games while mingling with the IU Southeast community.

Video tutorials

Missed a session you wanted to attend? No problem! Video tutorials will be available after the sessions takes place. 

Admitted Student Series: Technology Session

Description of the video:

Welcome to our admitted students series technology session. During this session we're going to go over a few of the most common technologies that you will use as an IUS student. So to start, we have our, or also just called One.IU. This is basically like an app store for students, so you're able to search for different things that you're looking for and then launch them right from this site. Now, when you applied, if you did create a guest account, that is a temporary account. So you first need to create your actual IU student account. You can do that by going up to the search bar, typing in IU account and then launching the create my first IU account. This is going to ask you for some identifying pieces of information including your university ID number, which can be found on your acceptance letter. If you have any issues locating that number, feel free to email the admissions office and we're happy to assist you. After you click Next, It's going to have you create your username, email as well as a passphrase. And this is gonna be the information that you're going to use to log into computers on campus, One.IU and any other type of technologies that we have. It will also have you set up your Duo, which is a two-step verification security that you will use to just confirm that it is you trying to login to your account. So once you have your IU account created, it typically takes about 24 hours for you to access everything. And once you can, it's great to just go through One.IU and explore. So there's a lot of different things that you can do like checking your IU e-mail, which is the official campus communication. So anything regarding financial aid, new student orientation, information about registration will all be sent to that IU e-mail. So it's something that you'll want to make sure you're checking pretty regularly. You can also access your student center. So this is where you would accept and deny loans, grants, scholarships. You can also view your financial aid letter. Once you sign up for your classes, you'll have your class schedule on there. When it comes to scholarships, you can also complete the scholarship application that will allow you to apply for all IU scholarships. So that's accessed here through One.IU. Then there's just a lot of other things. So definitely as a student go through explore, the next thing that you use pretty regularly would be at Canvas. So Canvas is our online learning portal. So if you have an online class or classes that have online pieces to them, they are housed through Canvas. So when you log in, you're going to use that username and passphrase that you created. It'll take you to your dashboard. So any courses or anything that you're enrolled in will appear here. For new students, this is where your Grenadier Guide is through. So this is something that gives you this extra assistance through the enrollment process. So when it comes to financial aid, for example, if you have questions about your FASFA scholarships, we do have a section here. We have information about disability services, housing, preparing for registration and meeting with your academic advisor, registering for new student orientation. So just a lot of great information to help prepare you for your first semester. Then another awesome thing that we do offer students is our IU Mobile. So this is something that you can download on your phone or tablet. And it gives you access to your class schedule. There's a link to launch Canvas. You have a map of the campus, so it'll show you where your classes and buildings are. There's different discussion boards. You can access different resources. So it's just very handy to have something on the go in that mobile format. Then the last thing I like to make sure students are aware of is our IU knowledge base. So we do have a lot of different technologies and sometimes it can be confusing when you're first starting figuring out how to utilize them. So we do have IU knowledge-base, and it has different articles that will walk you through how to use these resources. So for example if you type in One.IU, it's going to bring up different articles that you can choose from. And it's going to walk you through how to navigate and use these technologies. So if you do have questions, this is a great resource. But as always, our office, the admissions office is happy to help you as well as our IT help desk. I hope this was helpful. I appreciate you watching and look forward to having you at our next session.