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Application Process

Applications for admission to the Honors Program are accepted on a rolling basis; however, students seeking priority scholarship consideration should apply before January 31st.

The Honors Council, comprised of a faculty representative from each school on campus, reviews completed applications year-round, and they typically reach a decision within 2-3 weeks of receiving an application. Students are notified via email of the Council’s decision.

Application Components

The Honors application asks you to articulate your goals and interests, and you’ll also be asked to provide contact information (name and email address) for up to three people who can speak to us about your intellectual and personal interests and strengths. You’ll also be asked to provide information from your previous academic institution(s), including GPA. You may also provide test scores, but this information is optional rather than required. Finally, you’ll be asked to introduce yourself to the Honors Council by providing a short (1000-2000 words) essay response to one of three prompts.

Choice 1

Describe yourself in terms of a building / painting / song, or some other result of the creative process. Please give us enough context to understand your intellectual and emotional connection to the artifact that you’ve chosen.

Choice 2

Respond to this quotation: “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” – Robert Frost

Choice 3

Inspired by the University of Chicago’s legendary essay prompts, please respond to this question: What is the meaning of "square one," and how does one get back to it?

You are also invited (but not required) to submit any supplementary materials you’d like the Honors Council to consider while reviewing your application. These materials, as well as your essay, should be uploaded as attachments.

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